Revolution: How to Climb the Windmill & Plant Explosives at Top of Wind Turbine | Dying Light 2

Quick, the clock’s ticking! Climb up the wind turbine and plant explosives now!

One of the quests you can get in Dying Light 2 is the Revolution quest. When Alberto gives you the bomb, you have to quickly bring it to the Wind Turbine and plant it. This guide will show you how you can climb the windmill to plant explosives.

Climb Windmill and Plant Explosives – Dying Light 2

When Alberto hands you the bomb, you have to act quicklySprint north towards the turbine and swim your way into the windmill. Climb the platform with yellow cloth on your right then turn left towards the rubble.

Use the wooden plank here to get to the roof and you will see a lift that will bring you to the upper floor. After riding the lift, turn left and use the wooden planks to climb to the upper platform. Use the ledges on the wall with a yellow cloth to climb even higher.

You will see a metal railing like the photo above and you have to climb this then jump on the wooden platform with a yellow cloth behind you. Use the thin wooden plank to get to another platform.

Wait for the windmill to get closer to you then jump on it. Look behind you and jump towards the platform with yellow cloth. There is a pillar here with stair railings that you can climb. From here, do the same thing from before and wait for the windmill to get closer to you.

Jump across the gap behind you again and enter the pillar that leads up to the windmill. Once you are on top of the windmill, quickly plant the explosives to complete the objective.

This quest has a timer, so it is important that you stay calm but do it quickly. Note that falling off the wooden planks or windmill can delay you more.


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