Farming Simulator 22: How To Buy & Sell Land/Fields

Expand your farm!

Farming Simulator gives you a hefty size of land when you start but increasing the type of crops you plant also increases the amount of land you need. Here is how you can buy and sell lands or fields in Farming Simulator 22.

How to Buy a Land

To purchase or sell land, press escape to bring up the Map. Pressing X will activate the Farmland Overview. What this does is that it shows the Farmland you own using a blue highlight. 

There are multiple plots of land in the area and you can see which land is available for purchase if you hover on the fields on the map. You can also see the value of the land you are hovering on and the current balance you have underneath the map. 

Balance and Value

If you click on a piece of land, it will show the value of that plot of land. If you like the value of the field and have enough money, you can press Space to purchase the land. The game will ask if you want to buy the land, simply press Yes

If you want to sell the land, simply go to the map again and select the land you want to sell. Press the Sell button to sell the land. Keep in mind that the game may prevent you from selling the land if you have items placed on it. 

You can also go to the Menu and select Farmland to bring up the Map Overview of the lands around the map.

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