Dysmantle: Scrap Electronics Farming Guide | Get Scrap Electronics Fast

We’re in a hunt for scrap electronics!

Scrap Electronics is another type of resource in Dysmantle. This resource is needed for tools like a flashlight, sickle, and lockpicks. Scrap Electronics are uncommon resources but there are numerous ways you can gather them during early to mid-game.

How to Get Scrap Electronics Fast — Dysmantle

If you are still in the first area of the game, you can get Scrap electronics by defeating enemies or zombies like the Stalker and Mutated Hurler.

To defeat them, hit them and roll away to avoid their attacks. Keep doing this until you defeat the zombies.

We also recommend that you tick the box for the “Store Materials when resting” option. You can find this option in the Gameplay settings. This feature is helpful for doing supply and resource runs so you only need to find a camp and it will instantly store your loot.

You can also find scrap electronics by fishing but most of the times, you are going to find them by defeating zombies and even turrets since Machine Gun turrets and Rocket Launcher turrets drop scrap electronics.

Dismantling items like telephones and television sets are a great and quick way to get scrap electronics in the mid-game.

And that’s it. Exhaust all these methods and pile up on scrap electronics!

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