Ship Graveyard Simulator: How To Get Kerosene

Expand your Barracks!

The Ship Graveyard Simulator is unique in the sense that it explores the mechanic of collecting scraps in a Ship Graveyard. There are dangers like explosions lying around the Graveyard but collecting enough scraps will allow you to Expand your Village. 

Expanding the Village

The Village is a feature in the game that allows you to unlock certain upgrades. As you explore the map, you will notice some “For Sale” signs. Get closer to these signs and you will notice that you can interact with them. 

Click on the sign and you will discover that you can expand the village and build barracks. You will need multiple materials and money to upgrade them. One of the materials you will need to Build the Barracks is Kerosene. You can check the other materials needed to build the barracks by clicking on the signage. 

How To Get Kerosene

You need Kerosene to build the Barracks, but where can you find it? Kerosene is actually made using the Furnace. You will need Oil cans to create Kerosene. 

Add1 piece of oil and another piece of oil at the furnace at 500 degrees will result in 1 Kerosene. 

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