Ship Graveyard Simulator: How To Lockpick

Become a lockpicking master!

The main premise of the Ship Graveyard Simulator is to dismantle and find scraps in your chosen ship. Aside from dismantling, however, you can also choose to lockpick chests found all over the map in the game. Below is a guide on how to lockpick in Ship Graveyard Simulator. 

Where to Buy Lockpicks

Lockpicks are not essential items in the game but they can help open up locked doors and crates. Opening crates and doors using the lockpicking mechanism can reward you with rare loot or items. 

You can buy a lockpick by talking to the Trader. You can use this item to open locked doors but you can also use explosives to unlock the doors. However, you can only obtain rare items like Aluminum in the early game by lockpicking chests and crates. 

How to Lockpick

You will receive a tutorial at the beginning of the game about Lockpicking. You need to move the mouse to rotate the pick and press space to rotate the lock. Keep in mind that the harder the lock is, the less it will move when you press the space. 

You need to adjust the position of the lockpick and adjust the lock until it unlocks. If you press the spacebar too hard, it may break your lockpick. If you want to exit the lockpicking mechanism, simply press E. 

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