Ship Graveyard Simulator: How To Hire Workers

Get people to work for you!

Dismantling a whole ship can be a lot of work, but at the same time, it will reward you with different materials and money. The Ship Graveyard Simulator has several features that help you progress into the game, like hiring workers to work for you!

What are Workers?

Hiring Workers can make your work easier for you. These workers will help crap and dismantle ships for you. They can also help unlock other parts of the ship. However, you will need to pay these workers once you hire them as well. 

To Hire workers, you will need to build the Barracks first. You will need various materials like the Kerosine to build the barracks. After building the barracks, you can find NPCs located all over the town and beach. 

How to Hire Workers?

To hire workers, you need to the town. You will notice NPCs walking around the town and the beach. NPCs that are wearing yellow helmets mean that they can be hired to work for you. 

Talk to the NPCs wearing yellow helmets to hire them. Once you hire workers, you can upgrade the barracks to unlock more upgrades and workers. 

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