SkibiVerse: How To Get Camera Woman

Look at that cool leather jacket she is wearing!

SkibiVerse: How To Get Camera Woman

SkibiVerse currently has two game modes available, which are Exploration Morphs & Tower Defense. As you play, you’ll get to select a character to play with and against other players. Some are free the first time you log into the game, while others may require you to complete specific tasks or missions.

The Camera Woman is a new character in SkibiVerse which requires you to complete a mission to get. She has a unique animation and character model, which makes her different from the available characters in the game. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get the quest and complete it.

How To Get Camera Woman

To the left of your screen, you can find a quest icon. Click on it and a list of available quests will show up.

You’ll want to look for a quest called “Find & Help Camera Woman.” After that, click on the Start button to start doing the quest. If you do not do so, your progress won’t count.

SkibiVerse Quest

Then, click on the Home icon to the left of your screen. A menu will then pop up, asking you where you want to teleport you.

For the next step, click on the Industrial site and teleport to it. After a short loading screen, you will automatically teleport to the Industrial area.

SkibiVerse Teleport

When you first teleport there, look towards your right. Then, make a right turn towards the end of the road. You will be able to see some red buildings or warehouses in front of you.

SkibiVerse Turn right

Keep walking and you will see an open entrance to the right side of your character. Head towards the end, then turn right again.

SkibiVerse Turn Right

Behind a pillar, you will be able to find the Camerawoman. Press the interaction key and you will be able to help her.

After you have interacted with her, your quest progress will change to 1/2. In the drop-down list, there is also a new task called ‘Find Replacement Camera.’

SkibiVerse Camerawoman

Then, go to your map by clicking the Home icon to the left of your screen. After that, teleport to the Hub area. Wait for the loading screen to end and you’ll be there.

SkibiVerse Hub

To your left, head towards the direction in the road in-between the buildings that we have drawn for you.

SkibiVerse Go Straight

Keep heading towards the area. Then, take the second left turn.

SkibiVerse Second Left Turn

To your left, you will be able to see a small alleyway. Head straight towards that one door in the middle.

SkibiVerse Alleyway

After a short loading screen, you will be in an area full of darkness. Rotate your camera around and look for a blue camera on top of you.

That is the Replacement Camera that you are looking for. Once you’ve clicked on it, your quest will be completed.

SkibiVerse Camera

You will then receive a notification on your screen saying that you have received the Camerawoman as a reward. In your menu, you can now morph into the Camerawoman and use her as one of your playable characters.

SkibiVerse Character

That is how you can get the Camerawoman in ROBLOX Skibiverse. In the future, you may see new animation additions for this character. For now, she is quite new, and you can only perform some of the basic moves.

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