New World: Ultimate Gold-Making Guide for Season 1

Colonial empires won’t pay for themselves you know.

As the years go by you’ll notice that everything in New World will constantly change along with the materials and mobs you farm on a daily basis. New places will open up for you to explore along with the new pointy sticks that you can bring to protect yourself.

What won’t change in New World, however, is gold, well unless you take inflation into account and the amount that you spend on goods but that’s beside the point. You’ll always be hurting for money, is what I’m trying to say. A few minutes of reading the ultimate gold-making guide won’t though so take a look below at what we have.

Ultimate Gold-Making Guide For New World Season 1

This guide will show you how to make easy gold in New World Season One, we’re talking about a possible six-figure payout, and all you have to do is a little bit of furnishing and Heavy Chestwear crafting.

Now let’s begin with what you actually need to do before this guide starts sounding like a Ponzi scheme.

Head over to the nearest Workshop and shove anyone occupying it to the side as you have the coin to make. Type in “rug” in the search bar and look at the Round Sea Foam Rug, as you can see from the ingredients you would want to stock up on Infused Silk, Wireweave, and Wirefiber.

You can even get away with just buying the raw ingredients and still make a profit from it, you’ll have to do the weaving yourself of course for a little bit of EXP.

This is what you’ll be doing in order to stock up on those furnishing aptitude crates, start opening what you received and see if you got any Human Idols. Even if you don’t hit any Human Idols there are still a few other trophy mats in those crates that you can sell that are sought after by many.

Right now the Human Idols can sell up to 12000 gold on the trading post, this will still depend on what server you’re in but the figures mostly stay the same everywhere else.

If you see anybody selling them for more while there’s still an abundance find the seller and tie them to the first ship that will sail out of Aeternum.

The second money-making method will have you craft Heavy Chests, the most cost-effective way you can begin is by using a Runestone Stopwatch and rolling with Elemental Aversion.

What you’re after is Resilient, Freedom, and Elemental Aversion for an easy 350k to 500k gold on the market. Try these methods out for yourself and see if you land anywhere near the black!

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