Everspace 2 – How To Unlock T4 Ships

Get the best ships in the game!

Getting a new ship in a space sim game is like getting a new set of gear in an MMORPG. It’s a great feeling and you can’t wait to try it. First thing’s first though, you need to find where that ship is. Not only that but you need to know how to get it, how much it is and if you can even use it. Once you have it though make sure to push it to its limits and test everything out!

In Everspace 2 there’s a lot of different ships that you can get in the game. All ships have a tier though and the higher the tier the better the ship is! In this guide we’ll show you how to unlock Tier 4 ships so that you can get that upgrade! Now let’s get started!

How To Unlock T4 Ships In Everspace 2

Unlocking Tier 4 ships is no easy feat in Everspace 2. You’ll need a lot of rare materials, credits and some quest lines finished to get there. Before you even go out there and farm materials it’s highly suggested that you get the Mining Tracker from Hive. This will make it easier to find certain materials in the map.

Next thing you need to gather is cash. You need 150,000 credits in total to unlock all the Ship Dealer stages. The easiest way to get cash is to go to high-risk areas, get the loot there and sell anything below blue. You can also do some trading between systems if you’re trade savvy. There’s also guides out there for the best trade routes.

The materials are the materials that you need to unlock the final stages for the Tier 4 Ships:

  • Pure Clygon
  • Pure Baromite
  • Flawless Phazium Crystal
  • Dark Energy
  • Pure Copper
  • Glacit

Now all you need to do is progress through Tareen’s Ship Dealer’s quest. There’s 6 of them in total and once you finish it and completely upgrade Tareen, you can buy Tier 4 ships. From there just go to Kato’s Palace and buy the ship you want!

Congratulations you now know how to unlock Tier 4 ships in Everspace 2. Now go out there and try to get to that point yourself!

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