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Tales of Arise: All Crafting Material Locations

Get all your Crafting needs!

Crafting Weapons and Accessories can help increase the strength of your character. However, each weapon or accessory requires a unique set of crafting materials that can be found in different locations.

All Crafting Material Locations:

Below are all the locations of the Crafting Materials in Tales of Arise:

Crafting Materials in Rena

  • Adamantine Tendon – Astray Fury and Hatred enemies in Tarfhal Helgarahi
  • Chameleon Hide – Astral Agony enemies in the lower level of Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Cursed Claw – Astral Doubt Enemies in the lower level of Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Dark Mane – Alpha Livid wolf enemies in the 3F upper level of Gegham Helgarahi.
  • Dragon Blood – Astral Isolation enemies in 2F lower level corridor in Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Incendiary Scale – Blast Bee enemies in Upper-level 2f of Gegham Helgarahi.
  • Lustrous Astral Crystal -Helganquil enemies in Gegham Helgarahi.
  • Majestic Feather -Astral Famine enemies in  Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Mantid Claw – Rending Mantis enemies in Gegham Helgarahi.
  • Mystical Luminacore -Astral Agony enemies in Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Ominous Eyeball – Astral Sloth enemies in Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Penumbra Stone – Astral Lament enemies in Tarfhal Helgarahi.
  • Phantom Fang -Polycontrus enemies in Gegham Helgarahi.
  • Rending Titanfang -Astral Sloth enemies in Tarfhal Helgarahi.

Crafting Materials in Calaglia

  • Astral Crystal Grain – Found in a chest in 4F of Glanymede Castle.
  • Earth Seed -Roper enemies in Ulvhan Grotto.
  • Flame Stone – Flaming Mass enemies in the Berg Volcano interior.
  • Granite Fragment -Magmalem enemies in the Berg Volcano Interior.
  • Hard Bone -Armadillo enemies in Sandinus Ravine.
  • Membrane Wing – Bee enemies in Iglia Wastes.
  • Sharp Fang -Bee enemies in Iglia Wastes.
  • Spherical Shell -Armadillo enemies in Sandinus Ravine.
  • Statue Fragment – Deceptive Effigy enemies in Ulvhan Grotto.
  • Stone Fragment – Golem enemies in Iglia Wastes.
  • Strange Core -Golem enemies in Iglia Wastes.

Crafting Materials in Menancia

  • Astral Mass – At the Mount Dhiara Cavern
  • Bizarre Megacore -Earthen Mass enemies in Traslida HIghway
  • Blistering Fang – Furious Boar enemies in the lower level of the Volcano of Renewal.
  • Clam Tentacle -Shellshocker enemies at Traslida HIghway
  • Clay Fragment – Granilem enemies at Traslida Highway
  • Demihuman Muscle – Rioter Claw enemies in Mountain Trail.
  • Earth Stone – Earthen Mass enemies in Traslida Highway.
  • Granite Fang – Boar enemies in Traslida Highway.
  • Sturdy Megabone -Shellshocker in Traslida Highway.
  • Keen Gigafang -Boar enemies in Traslida HIghway.
  • Large Demihuman Talon -Dual Blade enemies in the Ridge.
  • Titanium Vambrace -Ape enemies in the Inner level of the Gilanne Woodland.

Crafting Materials in Ganath Haros

  • Astral Crystal – At the Tuah Seashore.
  • Frosty Vambrace -Terrapin Fist enemies in Shinefall Woods.
  • Ice Stone – Viscous Mass enemies in the Aureum Falls entrance.
  • Icicle Fang -Wild Boar enemies in Lavtu Marshlands.
  • Infused Statue Fragment -Killer Effigy enemies in the south hiking trail.
  • Paralysis Stinger – Assault bee enemies in Shinefall Woods.
  • Spirit Tail -Wild Boomy enemies in Shinefall Woods.
  • Sticky Tentacle -Mossel enemies in Tuah Seashore.

Crafting Materials in Mahag Saar

  • Beast Mane – Alpha Withered Wolf enemies in Aqfolte Hills.
  • Dragon Flame Sac -Vandal Dragon in Adan Lake.
  • Hard Spherical Shell -Crystalmadillo enemies in Adan Ruins.
  • Iron Pipe – Complete the “The Mysterious Pair” quest.
  • Lizard Fin – Creepzilla enemies in Adan Lake.
  • Tempest Stone -Tempestuous Mass enemies in Aqfolte Hills.
  • Raging Storm Beak -Archer Hawk enemies in Aqfotle Hills.
  • Wind-Swept Mane -Alpha Withered Wolf enemies in Aqfotle Hills.

Crafting Materials in Cyslodia

  • Astral Crystal Fragment  -At the Central Level
  • Beast Tail – Boomy enemies in the upper level of the Safar sea cave.
  • Demihuman Talon – Berserker enemies in White Silver Plains.
  • Infernal Fang – Complete the “Survey Says” quest.
  • Razor-tipped Feather -Hawk enemies in White Silver Plains.

Crafting Materials in Otherworld

  • Dragon Scale -Ignite Dragon in the Dragon Slumber Mountain.
  • Gloaming Crystal -Punisher enemies in the Cavern of Fate Shallows.
  • Indomitable Gargantubone – Agate Shell enemies in the Cavern of Fate Shallows.
  • Mucus Sac -Agate shell enemies in the Cavern of Fate Shallows.
  • Punisher’s Vembrace -Armored Ape enemies in the Oracle Snowcap Entrance.
  • Statue Heart -Immortal figure enemies in the Cavern of Fate Shallows.

Crafting Materials in Others

  • Dark Tree Blood – Illuminated Roper enemies in the Cavern of Fate Shallows
  • Megafauna Bone -Armatus Bos and Equus enemies in the Spiral 4 Conduit.
  • Ossified Stem -Blooming Roper enemies in the Spiral 1.
  • Tempest Fang -Polymentus enemies in Spiral 3 Conduit.


Before you can craft your weapons and accessories, you have to find a Metal Engraver. You can check the required materials for each weapon or accessory when you hover over them in the crafting menu.

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