Tales Of Arise: Beginner’s Guide For New Players | 2022

It’s tough out there, take these tips!

There’s another Tales game out there and this time it’s a standalone game that’s not a prequel or sequel to the series! The Tales series has been a long-standing series in the JRPG genre and there’s a reason why. The game features interesting anime-style characters, a fun combat system and a story and world that will pull you in. It may not be part of the grand tale series narrative but it still holds the same charm. In this guide we’ll show you some tips for newer players to help them enjoy the game even more!

Beginner’s Guide For New Players | Tales Of Arise 2022

The game at its core is an RPG, there are stats, levels and a ton of monsters to fight. And by a ton of monsters, I mean a lot of them, since it’s a JRPG after all, and some traditions stay with each game.

There are a few things here that may look different, but the core RPG mechanics are still there, so keep that in mind and here’s some tips to help you out!

Keep that Health up!

Source: TheGamer – YouTube

This may sound like a no brainer, but health is literally what keeps you alive and out of that end game screen. Remember the types of healing you can do in the game, from healers to consumables. The latter is finite but you can get a lot of them from the world and from vendors so don’t hoard them and actually use them!

Healers on the other hand have a near-infinite amount of healing to give, just as long as you have CP, a resource that your team uses to do arts, in this case healing arts. More on arts later.

Explore! It’s an Adventure!

Source: TheGamer – YouTube

The Tales series prides itself not only for their interesting characters but also the world they live in, and this new Tales game is no different. Players should explore maps, check for goodies hidden around and fight interesting and challenging monsters. There’s a lot of great sights to see as well and this game can be downright beautiful at times.


Source: TheGamer – YouTube

Arts is the Tales versions of skills that you use in combat. These can simple damaging skills, spells and healing and a lot more. Remember to check what the arts do since all of them have a description you can read.

You can get arts in a number of ways, from the skill panel, to the story and even through experimentation with combining different attacks and arts.

Get Cooking!

Source: TheGamer – YouTube

There’s cooking in this game, of course there is, it’s a modern JRPG so it has to have it. Cooking can give you a lot of nice buffs that can help you in adventures like healing after a battle or even making your enemies drop more items!

So, get those recipes and cook what you need and check the buffs it can make. You shouldn’t go adventuring on an empty stomach!

Congratulations you now know some basic tips and tricks for Tales of Arise, now go out there and enjoy the game! Many thanks to TheGamer for showing everyone these tips, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Beginner Tips For Tales Of Arise – YouTube

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