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Tales Of Arise: How To Get Permanent +80% XP Boost | Golden Suit Of Armor Artifact Location

How to get the Golden Suit of Armor!

It can be challenging to grind and level up your characters in Tales of Arise. However, there is a way you can get more experience points after every battle and that is getting the Golden Suit of Armor Artifact.

Spirit Temple Quest

You need to finish defeating the 5th lord first before you can do this sub-quest. You can begin the quest by going to the Traslida Highway and talking to the Anxious Man near a cart. He will tell you about the strange light in the Tietal Plains.

Navigating the Dungeon

Accept the quest and go to the area where you will find a new temple area that has recently spawned. Enter the temple and navigate your way through until the very end of the dungeon. You will face the Grand Gnome in a boss battle here.


The fight is challenging and you must make sure that your characters are at least level 55 if you are playing on a normal mode. After defeating the boss, go back to the Anxious Man and he will give you 16800 Gald, 50 SP, and the Golden Suit of Armor artifact that increases the EXP you gain from enemies.

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