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Tales of Arise: Taste-Testing Tusk Side Quest Guide

Help the Tableware Craftsman get more Granite Fangs.

There are multiple mini-quests you can do in Viscint to increase your total Gald and SP. The tableware craftsman in Viscint needs more Granite Fangs to create eating utensils!

Starting The Taste-Testing Tusk Side Quest

You can start the quest simply by entering Viscint. Talk to the Tableware Craftsman and he will ask for four Granite fangs because the eating utensils made from them are popular in the Autelina Palace.

Getting the Granite Fangs

You can get the Granite Fangs by defeating the boars on the Trasilda Highway. You might already have this item if you defeat all the enemies you encounter throughout the story. If so, report back to Tableware Craftsman to complete the quest.

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