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A new free to play game is on the block and it’s Omega Strikers, a game where you can choose between a roster of anime style characters as they try to beat each other up playing football. Yes, you heard that right, the game is much like football but only 3v3 and the players are allowed to beat each other up to a pulp! This is why the game is so popular with some overall positive reviews, especially with all the interesting characters you can choose from. In this guide we’ll show you how to play Estella in Omega Strikers.

Estella Guide For Omega Strikers

Estella has 3 abilities just like the other strikers in the game. Her primary ability, Piercing Shot, is a linear shot that does a heavy hit on all enemies including the core.

Rose warp is a blink ability that shoots out a projectile where you’ll teleport into, when you do it deals damage to any nearby enemy. Her special ability is Crystal Thorns where she fires off crystals at a large arc dealing light damage to anyone hit by the arc.

Source: Omega Strikers – YouTube

As you can see from her abilities, Estella is a ranged focus character, so we’ll have to build upon that on focus on ranged. The best trainings for her are Rapid Fire to lower the primary ability cooldown. Missile Propulsion to increase the range of projectiles as well as their damage.

Finally Prime Time which is a great training to have since Crystal Thorns has a low cooldown already, and lowering it even more helps.

Congratulations you now know how to use Estella in Omega Strikers, now go out there and try the character yourself!

Massive thanks to CalKappaPlays for showing everyone a great build for Estella, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Estelle is the mega OP Ranged Striker!!!! | Omega Strikers | Estelle Build and Gameplay

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