The First Descendant: Best Transcendent Module Farm Guide

Make sure you farm efficiently!

The First Descendant Best Transcendent Module Farm Guide

Farming for materials and gear can be a pain in games, especially with items that have a low drop rate. That’s why players always find a way to look for the best ways to farm them so that they don’t waste time and effort!

In The First Descendant, there are Transcendent Modules that you can get for your characters that will give you amazing buffs. The thing is that to get these items you’ll need to farm for them and their drop can be as low as 1%!

In this guide, we’ll show you what are the best ways you can farm Transcendent Modules in the game. We’ll go through the standard way you can do it as well as the fastest way. Now, let’s see where we can find these modules!

Best Transcendent Module Farm Guide

If you’re nearing the end game of The First Descendant you’ll want to farm for Transcendent Modules. These are the highest tier of modules in the game that can give you all sorts of buffs. Since they’re the highest tier they’re also the lowest in terms of drop rates. Here’s how you can farm them effectively!

Doing Missions

If you don’t know how to get these modules, the information is easy to find. All you need to do is go to your Menu and then, click on Access Info. When you’re on that tab, select the Module button.

The First Descendant Modules Info

From there, you can find all the Modules as well as the Transcendent modules for your character. Select one of the modules you want and then press the Acquisition Info button as shown below.

The First Descendant Modules Acquisition

Doing so will give you a list of all the activities in the game that drop that Module. On the top of the lists are the Missions, you can click on them to see where these missions are.

The First Descendant Module MIssion Drop

When you click on the mission, you’ll see where it is as well as what the rewards are. The module will also be listed down there with the chances of it dropping.

NOTE: Harder difficulties of a mission will give you higher drop rates. Missions further into the story will also yield higher drop rates.

The First Descendant Super Senses Mission Drop

These missions can last around 30 minutes even with the most optimal of builds and parties. That’s why it can be a pain to farm these modules. Luckily for you, there is a faster way of farming for them!

Mission Monster

When you look at the list of where you can find the modules, you’ll see the Mission Monsters under the list of missions. When you click on that, you can see the information of that Mission Monster and where it can be found.

The First Descendant Mission Monsters

Despite the item not showing on the item drop list, if you eliminate the monster, you’ll get a chance of getting the Transcendent Module. It will be a lower chance than missions, but it is extremely faster to do kill these Mission Monsters.

With the right team or build, you can easily defeat these monsters in a couple of minutes. The drop rate might be lower but since you’re doing these missions faster you can farm them faster!

The First Descendant Mission Monsters Time

So, try out these Monster Missions so that you can finally get the Transcendent Module that you need. This works for any character as well!

That’s the best way you can farm Transcendent Modules in The First Descendant. Now, go out there and try it out yourself. Are you new to the game? Check out our guide on Which Character Should You Play for some tips and tricks!


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