The First Descendant: How to Level Up Weapon Abilities (Unique Ability Level)

It’s a quick and simple process, but it’ll take quite a grind to actually do!

The First Descendant has a lot of meta progression systems that you will be interacting with throughout your entire in-game career. Among these is the weapon upgrading system, which has its own little sub categories as well. In this guide, we will very briefly cover how you can upgrade an ultimate weapon’s ability.

How to Level Up Weapon Abilities (Unique Ability Level)

Early on, as a part of the main story, you will be able to make your very first ultimate weapon, the Thunder Cage SMG. You’ll notice that these types of weapons have a unique ability.

In the case of the Thunder Cage, it has the Overcharge ability, which gives you a chance to deal bonus damage in an area via an electricshockwave. To upgrade this ability, head to a workbench whether in Albion or any of the camps in the other zones.

There, select the Enhance Unique Ability option and select the Thunder Cage (or whichever ultimate weapon you are upgrading). To complete the process, however, you will need a duplicate of that weapon.

Basically, in order to upgrade the unique ability of an ultimate gun, you have to infuse it with a copy of the exact same gun. In the case of the Thunder Cage, you will receive an extra one by following the main quests specifically so you can explore this feature.

The First Descendant workbench interface with the enhance ability button highlighted

Because of this, you will basically just have to grind for another one of whichever ultimate weapon you wish to upgrade. Once you have a copy, make sure to unequip the gun that you plan on upgrading, otherwise, the upgrade bench just won’t let you enhance it.

There is no other way around this, unfortunately. If you accidentally dismantled an ultimate weapon that you planned on using as fodder, you will have to grind the components yet again.

And that is pretty much everything you need to know when it comes to enhancing an ultimate gun’s unique ability. If you’re still relatively new to the game, check out our guide on how to level up weapons as well, just in case you haven’t been doing that by this point.


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