Farming Simulator 22: How To Use Meridian Silos

Get the most cost-effective Silo in Farming Simulator 22!

Silos can store crops that you harvest in Farming Simulator 22. What makes the Meridian Silo different from the rest is its capacity and need for a conveyor belt. This article will tell you how to use and utilize the Meridian Silos in the game.

Purchasing a Meridian Silo

You can purchase the Meridian Silo by going to the construction menu and pressing the Buildings tab. Click on the Silos option and scroll until you see the Meridian Silo. You also need to purchase conveyor belts at the store for your Meridian Silo.

To purchase a Conveyor Belt, go to the store and press on Tools. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Belt System. You will need the Meridian TL 12-39 and Convey-all 1690

How to Set up the Conveyor Belt

You can manually drive the Conveyor Belt on its own or hook it up with a trailer. Drive up to the tube of the Silo and set up the TL 12-39. Hop into your Convey-all and increase the Convey-all until the belt is located at the top of the Silo. 

You can now unload your crops on the Convey-all 1690 that you set up. On the other side at your TL 12-39, you can choose to load the crop in your vehicle that is stored in the Silo. 

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