The Quarry: Phlebotomy Trophy / Achievement Guide

Should you let Laura bite Ryan or not?

The Quarry is a fantastic story-driven game where you feel like you’re watching a movie and at the same time playing all of the actors inside. In this trophy guide, we will talk about how to get the Phlebotomy Achievement. Let’s get started.

Phlebotomy Trophy / Achievement Guide – The Quarry

This is a very easy to get trophy/achievement.

It starts in Chapter 9 or more specifically right after the Bobby and Ryan interaction. You will see Ryan injured and stabbed while laying on the ground. Laura will walk up next to him and offer to help him by biting him and maybe turning him into a Monster.

When she offers to help, choose the Accept option.

Laura will go slowly towards your arm and as she’s about to bite you, you’ll get an option to pull back your arm. All you have to do is nothing right now. Let her bite it. Do not pull away your arm.

There will be a longer biting cutscene in which at the end Ryan will pull back his arm because of the pain. And that is it! You will have successfully unlocked this achievement! Congratulations!

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