The Quarry: Blood Pact Trophy Guide | How To Infect Everyone

Let’s get everyone Infected!

The Quarry is a beautiful and very brutal and bloody story-driven game where literally everything you can think of can happen to the playable characters. In this guide, we will show you the ways of getting everyone Infected. Let’s get started.

Blood Pact Trophy Guide | How To Infect Everyone – The Quarry

Getting started with this trophy is from the very beginning, or in Chapter 1 to be precise. When Abi and Emma will be in front of the cabin, thinking about whether to enter or not, choose the Break-In option. This will give you a chance to infect Dylan later on in the game.

In Chapter 3, Nick will get infected automatically so you won’t have to worry about him. This happens when he and Abi are strolling through the forest.

Then in the very same cut-scene, where Nick gets infected, the situation will start to get quiet. Here you will have an option to keep your breath with Abigail. You will fail to fail this sequence, or no don’t hold your breath. This will get her infected as well.

Later on, at the near end of Chapter 3, you’ll get to a scene where Jacob gets caught in a trap. After he gets cut down and hits the ground, choose the Throw Dirt option. This will prevent the Hunter from placing blood on Jacob’s face, in term, making it possible later on to infect him.

Now we come to Chapter 4. Here when entering the wooden tree house as Emma, select the Search Bag option, then right after, choose Taser. After this, you will have to successfully finish all the QTE until you re-enter the tree house. Here while she’s climbing up the ladder, choose Open Trapdoor and then fail the QTE. This will get her infected as well.

In Chapter 5 when Ryan and Dylan are in the Radio hut, you will simply choose Not to Cut Dylan’s arm off. Choose the Terrified option as Ryan to be able to do so. This will get Dylan infected.

In Chapter 6 when you play as Jacob after you will meet with Emma you’ll have to fail the first QTE that will be given. This will get him affected too.

Now in Chapter 9, after the whole stabbing scene with Bobby and Ryan, Ryan will be injured and laying on the floor. Here choose the option to get bitten, or Accept, for laura to bite him. This will get him infected as well.

In the same Chapter, where Dylan and Kaitlyn will be fighting the Monster in the scrapyard, you will have to choose Slam the Car and then right after failing the QTE when controlling the crane with Dylan. This will get Kaitlyn infected as well.

Right after this happens, or almost in the very same second that Kaitlynn gets infected, you will have successfully achieved this Trophy. Congratulations!

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