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Tower of Fantasy: Oyster Farming Route | Oyster Location

Need some oysters?

Tower of Fantasy Oyster Farming Route Oyster Location

Farming routes have been a thing in the past that allows players to follow a specific path in the game that lets them farm a specific item while they go down the path. This is most useful in RPGs, especially JRPGs. In Tower of Fantasy, you can farm pretty much anything if you know the right path to follow. If you are interested in farming oysters, then we have the ideal and optimal path for you to follow. Follow this Oyster Farming Route guide and we will show you just how to get a lot of oysters by following a specific path.

Oyster Farming Route – Tower of Fantasy

First off, head to this location on your map. You can see that it is left of Rusty Belt.

From here, you have to run along the side where the water is. You will find Oysters just sitting on the ground, sparkling every few seconds to indicate that they are there. There are also enemies near the starting area, but you can just avoid them. They will be persistent in chasing you, so use a mount to get away from them quickly.

While following the coast line, you will come across a deep part of the water. You will have no choice but to swim, but we recommend you swim to the part where the rocks are, that way you can start from there and follow the water again to collect Oysters.

You will eventually reach the end of the shore again, but you can continue to the other side of the rocks where the shore continues by climbing over or jumping over it using your character abilities. We advise doing this than swimming, as it is faster and less time-consuming.

Eventually, you will reach the end of the road. But this is not the end of the guide. Once you’re done here, open your map to find the next Oyster farming route.

The next area you should go to is the one near Barrenstown. Head there to start the second Oyster route.

Follow the water again. You can even jump to the other side where the Mega Arena is and pick up a couple of Oysters before jumping back to the other side. Once you do, continue down the shore to pick up any Oysters you see. Again, there will be enemies coming along to get you, so be sure to avoid them too.

Once you collect all of the Oysters and reach the end, turn back around and follow the water all the way again. Eventually, you will reach the end of the other side and will have collected all of the Oysters. Remember, you can use this method after a couple of hours. You just have to wait for the Oysters to respawn in their locations, and a couple of hours is usually a good waiting time for them to spawn back in. Once they do, you can redo the Oyster route to farm more.

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