Fortnite: Secret Coral Buddies Cave Location | Chapter 5

Find the familiar group of coral friends in Fortnite.

All the way back in Season 7 of Fortnite in the distant 2018, the Coral Buddies appeared with their charming little melodies. They’ve appeared in multiple updates over the years, and now they’re back in Chapter 5 Season 1, Fortnite’s latest update.

If you can’t wait to see them again, we’ve made a little guide for you!

Secret Coral Buddies Cave Location

The Coral Buddies are in a secret cave in the frozen mountains area of the map. Specifically, you have to go to the south coast of the Grand Glacier

Location of the cave on the map

Right around there, you’ll find a cliff that’s next to the ocean. Inside the cave, there are tons of chests which is great if you’re playing duo with someone else. The area is pretty dark, so it might be a bit hard to navigate at first.

The path forward is pretty linear, but you may run into an obstacle like a rock you need to break. But once you clear all of that, you’ll arrive in a big lit-up cavern where the Coral Buddies live. You might even see one of them on its very own ship! 

Shows the Coral Buddies in the cave

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