Type Soul: Best Vastocar Tier List

The best skills to run with your Vastocar.

Type Soul: Best Vastocar Tier List

Vastocar, the ultimate Hollow form in Type Soul, allows you to access the best moves, skill, and weapons which we’ll rate in this tier list. After successfully becoming one, you can not only use Resurrección moves, but also access True Variants skills. We’re going to list the best weapons, Variants, and Resurrección for Vastocar here! Check out our Hollow progression guide here to learn how to reach the highest rank as a Hollow.

Best Vastocar Tier List

There’s going to be 3 tier lists shared in this guide. Every player typically ends up with different things depending on your luck when you rip your mask. Though you can reroll Hollow Weapons similar to Spirit Weapons.

Resurrección Tier List

Resurrección Tier List for Vastocar in Type Soul.

Currently, not all possess Segunda forms, so naturally those with Segunda will see themselves higher on the tier list. Doesn’t mean that others are worse–as partial Resurrección, they can still have amazing potentials.


  • Starrk (has Segunda). Starrk’s beam is so strong because of the huge hitbox.
  • Bone (has Segunda). Easily guard-breaking enemies which means whatever you do, you’ll nearly always guaranteed hits.
Bone Partial Res in Type Soul.
  • Vampire (has Segunda). Very strong and even if the Payday can be blocked, but the Segunda form allows you to be nearly invincible for minutes.
  • Light (has Segunda). It deals true damage and while it has been nerfed, it still has the ability to stun and Segunda form.
  • Storm (has Segunda). This insane Resurrección comes with the ability to teleport and hit your opponents. Easy to catch your enemy off-guard.


  • Slash. The bleed and ranged skill are what people love it for. Slash just overall buffs you.
  • Volcanica. You can be cancelled, but your’e able to stay on air while launching your hits that can stun the enemy.
  • Panthera. It’s powerful with Hakuda and has very long combos. It has a short teleport skill, but if you know how to time them, he can be very overwhelming.
Panthera Partial Res in Type Soul.
  • Acid. After its nerf, Acid is still a solid Resurrección solely due to the damage alone. It deals percentage damage.
  • Phoenix. Kido or Hakuda works well with this. It has been slightly nerfed, but it still deals decent damage.


  • Devil. Another partial res that works like a charm with the right Hakuda moves.
  • Arrogante. Strong counter-hits, very compatible with Hakuda moves to cripple your enemy.


  • Shark (has Segunda). It does have a Segunda, but it has such a high skill cap in order to use it as good as the other Resurrección.
  • Spirit. It lacks damage and is so easy to parry.

Hollow Weapon Tier List

Hollow Weapon Tier List in Type Soul.

As mentioned before, you can reroll your weapon with the Hollow Box which costs 40k Kan from the KT Shop! And here’s the tier list.


  • Nnoitra’s Scythe. It’s a lot easier to hit your opponent and inflict Cripple for 3 seconds.
  • Bloodedge. Powerful swings, instantaneous skills that are easy to land.
Bloodedge in Type Soul.


  • Ulquoirra’s Katana. Good damage and easy to learn to use.
  • Barragan’s Axe. Good for boss raids and can be used to counter Hakuda.
  • Tessen. Ragdolls the enemy while dealing quite the damage with the Critical.
  • Grimmjows’ Claws. In a game where a lot of people run Hakuda, this is an easy go-to option to counter those people.
Grimmjows' Claws in Type Soul.
  • Calibre. The Critical doesn’t break guards anymore and the damage has been nerfed. But you can still win games where your opponent is not being careful.
  • Wonderweiss’s Sword. Comes with True Pierce that deals true damage with the critical. It has been buffed to hit easier.
Wonderweiss's Sword Critical skill.


  • Harribel’s Dagger. Since the nerf, the guard-breaking becomes less reliable.
  • Hollowburden. While it has good M1 damage, its Critical underperforms compared to other weapons despite being a Legendary.


  • Neliel’s Lance. Not dealing enough damage.

Variant Tier List

Variant Tier List for Hollow in Type Soul.

Variants adds up to a Vastocar’s skillset. You can have either regeneration, dodges, or become extra tanky. And below is how the variants are ranked:

  • #1: Hierro. It’s currently the best which grants you extra Hierro, 15% defense buff, 10% damage boost, and Hyperarmor when you cast your Cero Oscuras. Recovering your Hierro is also made super easy as long as you land your hits in general.
  • #2: Regen. Grants you 1.1 passive regen during combat. Also allows you to recover HP and Reiatsu if your Cero Oscuras lands.
Type Soul Regen Variant on Hollow.
  • #3: Dodge. The nerf has made Dodge a terrible Variant to get. The 50-second cooldown means you’re barely getting any benefit from it. Unless you can land your Cero Oscuras confidently.

That concludes the tier list for Vastocar in Type Soul! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the tier list and if the game has been well-balanced. We’ve got more tier list for Type Soul to check out: Best Schrift Tier List, Best Item Value Tier List, and Best Weapons Tier List.


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