Unlock Red Death – Reaper Kill Guide With Arcana | Kill In Less Than 1 Minute – Vampire Survivors

How to unlock Red Death and the best kill guide that will take less than 1 Minute to deal with him!

If you don’t want to waste a whole ton of your time trying to figure out how to unlock and beat Red Death, well this is the guide for you. It might be tricky and require couple of restarts, but it’s still doable. Let’s get started.

Vampire Survivors – Unlock Red Death, Reaper Kill Guide With Arcana, Kill In Less Than 1 Minute

For starters, you will have to play as Suor Clerici. The key is to create that area of control much wider and around you. So when enemies approach you, they’ll get stuck next to it and get killed one by one. You will need to stay at Level 2. Also, Red Death gets around 650k hp for every level up that you get, so level 2 is necessary.

These are the Power-Ups you need:

Basically, everything but Magnet, Growth, and Curse. This is a very precise build, so be sure to stick to every last step.

Once you get in the stage, choose Awake as your Arcana.

When you start, walk up and to the left, at the table with libraries left and right of it. Pick up the gem here and get the RuneTracer perk.

You will stay here and just wait for the enemies to die. Don’t get scared if you get to level 3. Just be aware if the Center Water spawns somewhere out of your sight. It will give you a Gem that you will need for later.

At roughly 850 kills, you’ll see a Red Gem spawn and this will accumulate all the experience.

It won’t always be in the same location. If you don’t see it, it’s somewhere off-screen. Don’t panic, you can still go over there to pick it up. You might also want to restart because really, it just takes a couple of minutes to get back to this position.

As newer enemies are coming, especially these ghosts and the ones on the broom, you might get overrun. Do not panic, you will not die instantly. If you do die, you still have a set of 4 revivals. The Runetraces will keep making gaps as more enemies enter, so when you are at around 30% hp, try to move down and avoid getting hit.

Just stay calm and move down a bit. New enemies will come and it will spawn a new Red Gem if you take a chest. Just stay pixel-perfect in the safety area. Still, RNG is a big factor.

When you get to the Medusas, it will be slightly easier as they are much wider. Still, you might get hit.

The Final Wave is the easiest to deal with. They are so wide that Runetracer always hits them and pushes them away.

At 29:59 get ready for enemies to explode, and Red Death to spawn. He will not always be visible, and sometimes he might be stuck somewhere. Rush to the Gems at the same moment the enemies explode. Duplicator is a good choice. This is the build you need to make now:

You also need Clock Lancet level 5 and Spellbinder level 4.

You will die from the Red Death, but keep reviving and keep choosing Max Damage skills. Make sure to banish Clock Lancet when it’s level 6(very important). Keep mashing Space for level-ups and be ready to move once it’s done.

Head to the table now and get as many chests as you can. You are looking for the two Arcana. Slash is very good, as well as Iron Blue Will is insanely good. Never ever take projectile speed or duration.

Holy Wand is also very good for having all the evolutions. Now, assuming you have Slash too, head on next to the Reaper. Key is killing him very fast so that the second Reaper doesn’t spawn.

Go on top of the table again and just align your health bar with the half of the table and slightly more up.

You will deal tons of damage to him. Move with the Reaper when he moves.

The end result should look like this.

I hope this helped a bit. Good luck dealing with the Reaper!

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