Warcraft Rumble: Complete NEW Player Guide

Let’s learn everything!

If you are a novice player in Warcraft Rumble, you should know that there are a lot of things waiting for you in the game. With so many things to discover, you might get confused at the beginning of the game. However, that is exactly why we are here. In this Warcraft Rumble: Complete NEW Player Guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know.

Complete NEW Player Guide

Nobody begins a game as a professional player. Still, by the end of this guide, you will have learned everything a beginner should know. Let’s give you a quick introduction to every aspect of the game and get you started!

Check out the table of contents if you’re interested in specific or certain sections of the guide.

Choosing Your First Leader

At the very beginning of the game, you are going to need to choose a leader for yourself to start playing the game. This decision is pretty important, as you will use that leader until you can afford to get other ones. Therefore, you should be careful when picking it.

While some leaders are better for beginners, some are not. Even though the leader might be good on their own, you might struggle with controlling them. However, the game does not let you choose your leader entirely on your own wish.

You will only have three randomly generated options, and you will need to pick one of them. So, it kind of depends on your luck. Yet, you can still get the best one among them if you know their abilities.

In order to do that, do not forget to check out our guides and tier lists on:

Warcraft Rumble Complete NEW Player Guide


After choosing your first leader, you will be introduced to G.R.I.D. This system allows you to purchase Minis. However, it might be a bit difficult to understand at first.

Basically, the G.R.I.D offers you random Mini choices to buy. This might be a little disturbing as it will prevent you from building your army with the minis you desire to get.

Once you purchase one, it resets the row and the column it is from. Leaders are offered in the G.R.I.D. on a five-week rotation as well.

Since the Mini options are random, you might want to purchase as many minis as you can. It will allow you to reset the column to see the new ones

Also, you never know which mini you are going to need to use in future battles. However, do not upgrade them by using your gold.

Warcraft Rumble Complete NEW Player Guide

Arclight Surges

This game mode will unlock at 22 Sigils, and it will be your main resource for gaining gold. You can get 800 Gold per week by participating in it, or even 1200 if you have an account booster. New Arclight Surges will open every Thursday and Sunday.

Arclight Surge

Collection Level

You get collection level as you purchase and upgrade Minis. The collection level will give you experiment points that will unlock new levels as you acquire them. The XP needed to level Minis increases exponentially.

Warcraft Rumble Complete NEW Player Guide

Starter Minis

Every player gets five minis when they start the game. These minis are the same for everyone. Thus, you will get:

  • Gryphon Rider: This is a flyer that deals pretty decent single-target damage.
  • Darkspear Troll: A range unit spear troller with pretty decent single-target damage as well.
  • Gnoll Brute: A tank that deals AOE damage in the near vicinity.
  • Chain Lightning: It is a fast-casting spell that deals area damage but not a whole lot of it at once.
  • S.A.F.E Pilot: It is an unbound mini that you can place anywhere on the map. It is really important.
    • Even though you would not want your team to be full of unbound minis, you will need to place some in order to make good progress. Therefore, it is a good thing that you can get this mini from the beginning.
Starter Minis

Good Minis To Purchase

All minis have different purposes and it would not hurt to collect all of them. However, there are some particular ones that you can prioritize at the beginning of the game. Let’s see which ones they are:

  • Quilboar: Cheap unbound unit.
  • Earth Elemental: Unbound tank.
  • Huntress: Strong cleave unit.
  • Harpies: High-damage fliers.
  • Defias Bandits: Stun cycle unit.
  • Drake: AoE flyer.
  • Gargoyle or Meat Wagon: Strong boss killers.
Warcraft Rumble Complete NEW Player Guide

Building A Balanced Army

While building your army, there are some things that you should take importance on. First of all, pay attention to the average cost.

The army can become slow and unwieldy if it has too many expensive units and is unable to locate the right ones when needed.

You should add one or two unbound units, at least one rank, AoE damage units, heavy hitters, fliers, and ground units when building your army.

Balanced Army

Upgrading Mini Rarity And Talents

When you reach 18 Sigils, the uncommon upgrade will unlock. Then, at 20 Sigils, the talents will unlock. These talents make minis much more powerful.

At uncommon, you can only buy one talent and you cannot switch it later on. You are going to need to wait until the Rare upgrade unlocks after that.

Warcraft Rumble Complete NEW Player Guide

Dungeons And Army Upgrades

Dungeons will be unlocked at 30 Sigils. They upgrade the army slots of your leaders. The dungeons are for the leaders, and they will have a five-week family rotation. Therefore, only the leaders of the weekly family can enter until it changes.


Spending Real Money

While playing the game, you will notice that you also have the option to spend real money on the game for some things.

You can get limited-time bundles by using money. Evaluate them mainly based on coins and mini stars that would coins anyway.

You can also purchase XP tomes as well. However, they will not be too good at the beginning of the game, and they will get better as you gain collection level.

Warcraft Rumble Complete NEW Player Guide

Archlight Booster

One of the bundles you can get by paying real money is the Archlight Booster. This permanently upgrades your account when you reach 12 Sigils.

Purchasing it will give you a 50% Gold Boost that provides a boost to coins earned through gameplay for the life account. It also has Orcy Bank, which stores campaign and heroic coins but not Arclight Surge and PvP coins.

Warcraft Rumble Complete NEW Player Guide

PvP Mode

When you reach 8 Sigils in the game, the PvP mode will unlock. However, we advise you to wait for a little bit and play the campaign before starting PvP. You should unlock Arclight Surges and Dungeons first. The PvP mode has limited-level caps.

  • Below 1000 – Level cap 1
  • Below 2000 – Level cap 3
  • Below 3000 – Level cap 5
  • 3000+ No cap, max level 10
PvP Mode


The Guilds are unlocked at 10 Sigils. Guilds offer many rewards for players, so it is important to join a guild once you unlock them. You can always switch to another one whenever you want to.

Warcraft Rumble Complete NEW Player Guide

Heroic Campaigns

The Heroic Campaigns will unlock at 50 Sigils. You are going to receive an XP Tome when you first clear a mission.

If you clear the Heroic Campaign with all five families, you get 200 Gold and a sigil. If you have an account booster, you will get 300 Gold. Heroics are the way to progress past 75 Sigils.

Warcraft Rumble Complete NEW Player Guide

That is all we have to say in this Warcraft Rumble: Complete NEW Player Guide! We hope that this guide has made it easier for you to understand every fundamental aspect of the game. Please feel free to ask more questions in the comments section below!

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