Wartales: Everything You Need To Know About Co-op

It’s always more fun with friends!

There’s not a lot of co-op games out there so when we find one it’s like finding a rare item in an RPG. We jump into that game and most of them are fun and addicting. We’ve got games like Deep Rock Galactic and For the King that can be an absolute blast to play!

In Wartales you control a small group of mercenaries as they take jobs around a medieval low-fantasy world. You get contracts, do battles, explore ruins and get that good loot and money. The thing is you can do all of this with friends! Here’s all the things you need to know about Co-op in Wartales!

Everything You Need To Know About Co-op In Wartales

Wartales can be played with a friend or even up to 3 friends in its 4 palyer co-op. The coop mode at first seems to not be that different from single-player but there’s some things you need to know. There are some minor details that only work in co-op in terms of how the game handles certain things. Here’s all the things you need to know about Co-op in Wartales!

Starting a Co-op game and Creating Characters

When starting out a new coop game in Wartales you go through picking your destiny like in single-player. The difference starts when creating your character. On the upper left is where you can invite your friends in Steam to join in. They can then pick what character to control and customize them to whatever they like.

Wartales has a maximum player count of 4 for coop. So, if you’re 4 players you can have one character each at the start. Though one of you should take control of the first pony as well.

World Map and Traversal

When you get into the game the party will be split. Each player can go anywhere in the map, but to interact with towns or buildings all players should be present. The party also has access to their own inventory as well as the Camp chest where it’s shared amongst the party.

As for the carrying capacity of your party don’t worry about one player having the pony. The carrying capacity of the party is still shared amongst the players. So, if one of your party members keeps 20 dead bodies in their own inventory everyone will notice the effects.

When one player gets attacked by a hostile party, the entire party is dragged into it. So if you’re avoiding combat make sure everyone is ready to run.

Combat and Turns

Combat in coop is still the same as the combat in single-player. The difference is that only the player that ‘owns’ the character can move them. At the start of a battle, you can move your characters starting positions, luckily you can swap your character’s position with another player’s character without telling them to move.

In terms of turn order, when it’s the team’s turn the player who moves their character first gets the turn. This can lead to problems like one person moving characters while others are still setting up at the start of a battle, making the battle start prematurely. Make sure you communicate well with your coop partners to plan out battles!

Interacting with NPCs, Towns and Camping

One of the more annoying things that the game does to coop is when interacting within a building. When one player opens a chest, everyone will have the same chest open. Another problem is when interacting with NPCs. The player who interacts with the NPC gets to talk to them, while the rest of the players have to wait for them to finish.

Interacting with things in towns and buildings take way more time in coop than in singleplayer. That’s because every player has to wait for one player to do something. If someone wants to craft something at a smith’s anvil, the person that has the smith character does so. The rest of the party sits there staring at the building until he finishes.

When camping on the world map each player needs to be close together to camp. While in the camp each player can move things around including their own characters, but not the characters of others. When it comes to sleeping and preparing food, each player can place food into the campfire. This can take a while, so I highly suggest that one player is dedicated to placing food in camp to speed up the process.

Congratulations you now know the what you can do in Co-op in Wartales. It can be a bit more time-consuming than in Single-player but it’s still fun!

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