Wartales: How To Dismantle Items

Don’t sell those cheap items, dismantle them!

Durability in video games can be a pain, be it weapon or armor durability. Nothing stops the flow than stopping to patch up your gear. Even worse if you need certain items to patch the gear up and you don’t have enough! Still, it adds a layer of challenge for some games when done right and that’s great!

In Wartales you equip your mercenaries with the best gear money could buy, or you just loot it off someone. Every time you fight though you’ll surely get damaged, with damage comes damaged armor. You’ll need to make raw materials or buy some to repair it. There is another way to get raw materials though! In this guide we’ll show you how to dismantle items for raw materials!

How To Dismantle Items In Wartales

One of the problems in the early game is getting enough raw materials to repair armor and shields. You can just go to town to get it repaired but that will take too much time. You want to be on the road, be self-sufficient as much as possible. What if I told you that you can dismantle items in Wartales? Here’s how you do it.

In the early game you get access to the workshop when you camp out. When you assign a Tinkerer on the workshop it creates 2 raw materials every time you rest. This is great and all, but 2 raw materials aren’t going to cut it!

If you want more raw materials you’ll need to upgrade the workshop into a One Star Workshop. With that you’ll be able to disassemble normal weapons and armor. Once you’ve upgraded it, go to the workshop menu by right clicking on the workshop. Then on the lower left of the window is the Dismantling button.

From there you’ll see the Dismantling window. You can then select the gear you want to Dismantle and you’ll get resources from doing so, including raw materials. A one-star workshop can’t dismantle high gear though, for that you’ll need to upgrade it to a 2-star workshop!

Congratulations you now know how to dismantle items in Wartales. Now go out there and dismantle all those cheap items so you can repair your gear!

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