Wartales: Is Attacking Caravans Worth It?

Does crime actually pay a lot?

Sometimes you just want to be evil in video games. Of course, that’s after you’ve been a goody two-shoes for 5 playthroughs now. Now you want to test the evil side of a game if given a chance. Choosing that evil dialogue options or doing evil stuff like stealing a candy from a gnome is what you want. Of course, you’ll need to worry about the consequences, so is it really worth it?

In Wartales you get to make your own mercenary company that runs around doing jobs for people. You get paid, you get loot, and you get drunk. Sometimes honest work doesn’t pay enough though, and that’s where you eye on those juicy merchant caravans. Is it worth attacking them though?

Is Attacking Caravans Worth It In Wartales?

There’s a lot of things you can do in Wartales, like raising a clan of wolves or getting the plague. You can also be a not-so-honest member of society and do some thievery and banditry. You can steal stuff in the game, but it can raise suspicion, not to mention you can get caught. Raise enough suspicion and you’ll have a wanted star on your head and the patrols will start attacking you!

When running around the world map you might notice some caravans that are running around the roads. They have a sack of gold as an icon so you can see that they’re loaded. You can talk to them and see what they’re carrying, and you can even attack them! Is it worth it though?

Suspicion, Wanted Levels and Loot

When you attack the Caravans you gain suspicion, and you get a lot. In battle you need to kill the traders carrying the goods, as well as worry about the guards. You can capture their pony with a rope though so that’s an added bonus. Once you defeat them though here’s the kicker: for every item you get from their wares it increases the suspicion even more!

That means attacking a single caravan can send you through multiple wanted levels. The amount of suspicion you get from attacking caravans is a lot!

Here’s some tips in attacking caravans, make sure you have 3 to 4 prisoners in your party. Once you attack and loot a caravan your wanted level will rise. Giving prisoners to prisons can actually lower your suspicion so that’s one way of counteracting it.

Is it Worth the Trouble?

Personally, I don’t feel like Caravans are worth attacking. If you want something from their wares, a high-level thief can get it no problem. There’s even items and other modifiers to lower the suspicion of thievery. So just train a better thief unless you really want to roleplay a brigand!

Congratulations you now know if it’s worth attacking Caravans in Wartales. Now go out there and try to attack one if you’re up for it! Just be prepared for the consequences!

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