Where To Start New Next Gen Quest – Witcher 3

Find this NPC on the map!

The new and improved Witcher 3 is finally upon us and the visuals are simply breathtaking. Other than the new fixes and visual upgrades there is a quest that you are able to do. In this guide, we are going to show you where to actually start the new next-gen quest. Let’s get started and point you in the right direction.

Witcher 3 – Where To Start New Next Gen Quest

Zoomed Out Map

This is where you will need to come to be able to start the new quest. This Next-Gen quest will allow you to be doing a new line of things and actually get a whole set of new gear. That gear is none other than the new Netflix Gear!

If you are interested in getting the new Netflix Gear and have all the tips and steps on how to do so we recommend checking out our guide for it – How To Get Netflix Armor – Witcher 3.

Zoomed In Map

You will need to come right next to the stone quarry as it is shown on the map above. To get here you will need to teleport either to the Hanged Man’s Tree or the village of Mullbrydale. You will find the NPC in the middle of the road.

NPC Location

This is how the NPC is actually looking on the map. You will need to go next to him and just interact with him to start the quest. The new quest is called In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow.

We hope that this guide has helped you out with what you need to do to get this quest finished and completed. Have fun doing it yourself!

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