Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Escape from Colony 4’s Attacks

Make Colony 4’s Attacks a walk in the park!

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Escape from Colony 4's Attacks

Imagine fighting tons of guards, and flying creatures, they are coming out of everywhere and are all out to get you. On top of all this, while you’re barely trying to survive this combat with them, you are getting chased by a giant robot who can one-shot you! Well, we have the solution on how to take them down one by one. Let’s get started on how to escape from colony 4’s attacks.

Escape from Colony 4’s Attacks – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The reason why so many players are struggling with these attacks is that you will get chased by that Equites flying creature which gives you absolutely no room to even breathe. Getting to some locations that you’ll need to go to will be a real pain to do. You can’t actually progress at all.

The real problem is that it can actually one-shot you if it catches you even one second off-guard. The key to getting through it and past it is simply to be a whole lot more sneaky.

The first thing you can do in order to be more sneaky is by breaking the line of sight with the creature. Find big boulders or stone hills and hide behind them while the creature is flying around you.

Do not go running in the open field and get to your destination. Hide behind these things as shown in the picture. Don’t forget, if you hide behind them it doesn’t mean that the enemy won’t stop chasing you and it will actually you follow right behind them. So run when you need to and then hide when you need to.

Best Strategy

So you are hiding behind a boulder, as you should. And you managed to find a pretty big one too. Let’s say the situation is looking a little something like this on the picture below.

So have a good look out on the right and left sides. You will sometimes get only the guard to follow you in your safe place. This means that you’re able to take out the guards one by one without the Equites to actually getting next to you and trying to kill you.

Another good thing about this setup is that you’re actually going to see the Equites getting next to you. You can then run around the boulder and keep dodging him this way. 

Now while you’re taking out the guards and the Equites will come next to you, go into Tactics mode and get your gang to actually follow you out of the safe area. You will now be running to a whole different safe rock location and taking out the guards there. This will give you time away from the Equites and more freedom to first take out the guards. You can do this by circling around multiple times until all the guards will be out.

This is actually a cool strategy of making some damage to the Equites too. You will change characters to a healer and Group Heal all your teammates. Then the Equites fight will commence once he arrives next to you.

Keep doing this strategy over and over and you’ll see that your teammates will be out of harm’s way but the Equites’ health will go lower and lower until it gets killed. 

As for the Snipers, you will simply have to rush them down. Don’t give them a chance to snipe up on you. Simply use your rush abilities to clear them out as soon as possible. Good luck!

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