Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Get Hero Ethel

Get Ethel to join your dream team as well!

Some of the characters are pretty hard to obtain in Xenoblade Chronicles and some are way easier. Ethel is one of the easiest characters to get but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t any good. Once you have her in your gang you’ll learn the real power she’s able to unleash upon your enemies. Let’s see how to get Hero Ethel to join you.

How to Get Hero Ethel – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You won’t have to worry about where to go and how to locate the start of this mission to recruit Ethel. It will be simply added in the main story quest line and you’ll automatically get it at the being of the Chapter 3. It will be the No Want of Courage quest.

She will be found here after that guy will talk to you about finding Ethel.

The easy way to get here is just to fast travel to the Galghour’s Menhir. Then once here you will notice that it is a pretty big and spiral-going hill. You will take the route from the left and go around and around until you reach the top. You will find Ethel standing at the top like Mufasa himself. You will see a meteor or explosion blast in the distance.

This is where it will strike. You will need to go west and make your way to the highlighted position now. It will be inside the Metamural Garden. You can enter it by using the small hole in the wall. Just get to where you’ll need to go and the quest will be finished.

Loot the Supply Drop once the big battle will be finished, of course in your favor.

The next stop is the Colony 4.

You can get here easily also by fast traveling to the circled area. Everyone will be thrilled to finally see their commander Ethel join them again. What this means for you is that Ether will be joined in your team. Congratulations!

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