Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Get Hero Zeon

What do you have to do to get Zeon in your gang?!

Getting all the characters in your character list is somewhat of a hobby, some would say. They are sort of collectibles and plus you can play each of them to explore and enjoy some different playstyles. In this guide, we will be showing you how to unlock and get hero Zeon in your team. Let’s get started.

How to Get Hero Zeon – Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This can be only done after you have finished the Chapter 3 from the main story quest line. There will be a sequence when Ethel will leave the party. You can go after Zeon only after this has happened. Then you will have to come to this location here:

You will need to start to Gather Info around this Colony 9 area. The new Topic that you should be asking everyone around will be the Colony 9 Lately. Just find all the characters with whom you’re able to discuss this with and you will finish this part of the search. They will be marked right in front of you.

Now after that is done you’ll have all the information to know how to track down Zeon. Go to this location and you’ll start the Where The Heart Is Questline.

Zeon will strike you with a lightning strike so you better be careful! A big battle sequence will commence where you’ll have to defeat Zeon. After you have done this he will be happy with your actions and skills. The next step is going back to the Colony 9. It is located here:

Here there will be a discussion and planning sequence with Zeon. You will have to track down and defeat the Strike Force 1 and 2 together in order to keep going. This is where they will be located at:

It will be a big battle sequence so you better prepare yourself. There will be a lot of enemies that will come after you. When the fighting is all done go back to the Colony 9 again. You will be greeted here by a very unwelcoming sight.

A Moebius B will be clapping like Joker himself and waiting for you! You will need to destroy him and only after you’ve done this, you will have unlocked Zeon as a playable character. Congratulations!

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