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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island: All Animal Sanctuary Locations

Pet all the animals you could ever pet!

Do you like petting animals? The people at Sucker Punch Productions surely do, as they have added a big number of animal sanctuaries where you can play your flute and befriend different animals on the newly added island of Iki. Now that you know you can do this, you will probably want to quickly get to these places as fast as possible, so here are the exact places where you can find them, with helpful images to guide your way!

All Animal Sanctuaries Locations – Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island

The number of animal sanctuaries where you can befriend animals is 9. The animals are deer, cats and monkeys.

Here is exactly where you can find each and everyone of the animal sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island:

  1. Deer – Sly Hunter’s Forest

    The Deer sanctuary can be found in the Southern part of the Sly Hunter’s Forest, Northwest of Fort Sakai.
    Luckily, you can see a white deer icon on the map that can show you the way if you can’t find it that easily:

  2. Deer – Shattered Cliffs

    The next one can be found right before you reach the Shattered Cliffs, as you get out of the Old Gambler’s Woods.
    You can see the exact location here:

  3. Deer – Zasho River

    To the South of Zasho River, on the little island on the river, you can find the third and final deer sanctuary.
    You can see where you can find it in this image:

  4. Cat – Barrier Cove

    On the Island North of Barrier Cove, you will find the first cat you can pet on Iki Island.

  5. Cat – Zasho River

    South of Fort Sakai, next to Zasho River, you will find the 2nd cat in a field of flowers. Since the location is harder to explain, you’re lucky we have another picture:

  6. Cat – Kidafure Battleground

    Right in between Kidafure Battleground, Kitsune’s Pond and the Old Gambler’s Wood, you will find your final cat!

  7. Monkey – Raider’s Promontory

    On the island to the left of the Raider’s Promontory, you’ll see your first monkey!

  8. Monkey – Saru Island

    On the coast, before you get to Saru Island. Southwest of Smuggler’s Wood.

  9. Monkey – Saruiwa

    It’s right on top of the mountain in Saruiwa. We have a different guide that will show you how you can activate this one, since you’ll need to do some other things beforehand.

Here is the Monkey See Trophy Guide that will show you how to befriend this monkey!

After singing to all these animals, you will get some good bonuses from each one of them, and you’ll also get the  Chiyoko’s Song trophy!

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