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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island: Dye Merchant & Horse Armor Merchant Location

Unlock all the handy merchants for your quests!

As Ghost of Tsushima has just gotten a new expansion, that is actually more of a remaster, rather than an expansion, the new Iko Island has offered us many new entertaining challenges for our new playthrough of the game. But there are some things that you’d wish to use much sooner than the game let’s you. Unfortunately, some merchants are locked before special quests, and, to unlock them, you’ll need the help of this little guide! Here is how you get these two traders to sell you their merchandise!

Dye Merchant & Horse Armor Merchant Locations – Ghost of Tsushima: Iko Island

To get the Dye Merchant, you’ll need to first beat him in a fight at the Hidden Cove Tournament. We have a guide to help you with that whole other side quest.

Once you’ve beaten him, he will wait for you West of Tatsu’s Ladder. He will be shown on the map, but here is a picture with he’s location to help you anyway:

To unlock the Horse Armor Merchant, you’ll first need to finish the “Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai” mythic tale. You can find it in Zasho Bay.

Once you’ve finished the quest, collect 6 Sakai Banners. You might have collected them by mistake during your gameplay, as they are a collectible you can find almost everywhere. There are 30 in total.

Once you’ve got them, you can find the trader North of Nakajima Overlook. Here is a picture with the exact location:

After you talk to her for a bit about this and that, she will start trading with you.

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