Gray Zone Warfare: Max Traders (Lvl 3) & The Best Items They Sell

You deserve to get only the best for yourself!

In Gray Zone Warfare, getting the best loot, items and equipment is crucial if you want to survive the unforgiving military landscape. After all, you’ll have to fulfill a variety of tasks and quests when you’re in the game. So, having the best items can be a make or break factor in your journey.

You can get some really great items from Level 3 Vendors in the game. However, these Vendors also have hundreds of items that you can buy. Not to worry, however, we’ve got you sorted out. In this guide, we’ll be showing all the best items the Max Traders sell. Let’s get into it!

Max Traders (Lvl 3) Best Items

In Gray Zone Warfare, you can interact with a variety of different vendors and NPCs. Each of these Vendors also gives you a list of quests that you can complete to get 100-200 Reputation each. Eventually, with enough Reputation, you’ll be able to level up your Vendors.

Complete enough quests and you’ll get all of them to the Max Level, which is Level 3. Our All Mithras Tasks Location and Guide can help you out in getting your Reputation high with each of these Vendors.

With that said, let’s look at each of the Level 3 Vendors and see the best items they offer. Feel free to use the Table of Contents below if you want to check out a specific Vendor.

Level 3 Handshake Best Items

First up, we’ll be looking at all the best items offered by Level 3 Handshake. Handshake is the Vendor that buys and sells tactical gear. This includes items like Helmets, Backpacks, Belts and Tools.

Here are the best items that Max Level Handshake sells in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Rush 72 2.0 Backpack – One of the biggest backpacks that has a whopping 30 Container Size
  • Recon Plate Carrier – Offers incredible protection without any cost to mobility
Level 3 Handshake in Gray Zone Warfare.

Level 3 Gunny Best Items

Next up, we’ll be looking at what Level 3 Gunny can do for you. Gunny is the Vendor that buys and sells everything to do with NATO variants and 5.56 ammo guns.

Here are the best items that Max Level Gunny can offer you in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Razor 1-6x Rifle Scope – Incredibly useful for guns that you want to use for both long range and short range gun fights as you can adjust the scope accordingly
  • AR-15 5.56 60 Round S60 Magazine – Has a whopping 60 round capacity ensuring you won’t have to worry about reloading anytime soon when you’re in battle
  • MK18 Rifle – Probably the best default AR-15 build that you can get in the market.

If your Gunny isn’t at Level 3 yet, you can still get some amazing items from him that work well with many builds. Check out our Best Weapon builds guide to learn more about it!

Level 3 Gunny in Gray Zone Warfare.

Level 3 Lab Rat Best Items

After that, we’ll be checking on what Level 3 Lab Rat has been cooking up for us. Lab Rat is the Vendor that deals with health, medication and food.

Here are the best items that you can purchase from Max Level Lab Rat in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Rip-Away EMT Pouch – Offers a large container size of 9 allowing you to hold all the medication you need
  • EPO Stimulator – Increases blood regeneration for 3 minutes. However, it results in energy drain, health drain and intoxication.
  • HPR 3-S StimulatorRegenerates 50% of Damaged Organs in a really quick 1 minute. Only leads to increased intoxication and pain.
  • ORI-12 StimulatorRegenerates 50% of Bones in a whopping 1 minute. Leads to increased intoxication and pain.
  • Seal Modular Bandage – Can heal up to 4 wounds at the same time with only one charge.
Level 3 Lab Rat in Gray Zone Warfare.

Level 3 Artisan Best Items

Now let’s see if Level 3 Artisan can beat Gunny in the level of items that she has to offer for us! Artisan is the Vendor that purchases and sells guns and items of the Eastern and 7.62 ammo variety.

Here are the best items that Max Level Artisan has on offer for you in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle – A powerful potentially one shot one kill weapon that you can modify and make even better. Outlined in detail on our Best Sniper Build guide.
Level 3 Artisan in Gray Zone Warfare.

Level 3 Turncoat Best Items

Let’s move on to Level 3 Turncoat and see if he has something good for us. Turncoat is the Vendor that offers AK74 variants, weapon parts, helmet and poison.

Here are the best items that you can purchase from Max Level Turncoat in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Delta Backpack – Offers probably the best container sizes of any backpack in the game currently with a 36 Container Size. You’ll be able to fit in all the loot that you need.
  • Light Anatomical Belt Type 2 – A very lightweight and yet modular belt that has a lot of pockets for your convenience. It has a container size of 4.
  • Default SKS Rifle – A fantastic semi auto rifle that can be used for both long range and short range battles.
  • Default AK-74M Rifle – A powerful alternative to the NATO M4 dealing more damage because of the bigger caliber bullet. Once you learn to control the recoil, you’ll find that it’s one of the best weapons.
Level 3 Turncoat in Gray Zone Warfare.

Level 3 Banshee Best Items

The final Vendor that we’ll be looking at is Level 3 Banshee. If you aren’t aware, Banshee is the Vendor that offers some additional Weapons, Containers and Parts besides the other similar Vendors.

Here are the best items that you should consider getting from Max Level Banshee in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • M700 Sniper Rifle – An incredibly accurate and strong bolt action rifle suitable for long range recon and battles
  • Key Case – Really useful tool that will help you keep any keys you need safe. Has a capacity of 9 keys so rest assured you won’t have to get rid of any keys anytime soon.

If you’ve been trying to get keys for your tasks and quest but have been struggling to get them, we have you covered. Check out our How To Clear The Tiger Bay Center Mall guide as it is the best location for farming keys in Gray Zone Warfare.

Level 3 Banshee in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about the Level 3 Max Traders in Gray Zone Warfare and the best items that they sell. Now that you know what items to get, you’ll need to work towards getting the necessary reputation. You can do this by finishing quests and tasks for the respective Vendor. Up next, why not check our detailed guide on Weapon Modding & Customization in Gray Zone Warfare?


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