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All 6 Golden Plushies Gifts Locations – Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

We want all our plushies, golden!

There are a number of collectibles that you can get in Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach. One of the category of collectibles you can get is the Golden Plushies. Here is where you can get all the Golden Plushies in the Pizzaplex.

Golden Plushies Locations – Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

We recommend collecting the Golden Plushies after you have all the passes and security clearance required for each area. You will also need certain upgrades to enter certain areas so keep that in mind.

  • The very first Golden Plushie is Golden Freddy. In Level 1, go to Montgomery Gator’s Room. Next to an arcade machine, you will see a golden gift box containing a Golden Freddy.
  • From here, go towards Freddy’s room but do not enter it. Parallel to it you will see a red door that says “Utility Tunnels: Staff Only” sign next to it.

Enter it and go inside the door with a Staff bot inside. There is a Flashlight Recharging station here and you can find the Golden Roxy behind the station.

  • Now go to Monty’s Gator Golf and head to the play area with red lighthouses parallel to it. Golden Sun is inside the red lighthouse to your left.
  • Go to Basement 1 and from the service elevator, head left. When you reach a fork, you will see a red door with the number 3 Signage on it to your right.

Head left to the green garage door. Go to the kitchen near the broken television and you will find Golden Chica next to the counter.

  • Head to Level 4 and into Bonnie’s Bowling Center. Go inside the counter and into the blue door to your right. Follow the right hallway, entering another blue door with a staircase leading downstairs. Golden Monty is at the end of the staircase.

How to Open the Secret Door in Daycare Theater

There is one last Golden Plushie that you can collect in the game, and it is called the Golden Moon. Before that though, you have to take 4 specific photos using your Faz Camera to unlock a Secret Door in the Daycare Theater.

  • The very first photo you should take is in the basement of the daycare theater. Go down to the lowest floor and head north. Enter the red door to your right.

Turn left and take a photo of the Foxy Standee near the wall.

  • Go to Level 1 and head towards Monty’s Golf. Head to the ocean playground and take a photo of the mermaid Chica near the wooden barrel.
  • Head to Level 1 Backstage Area and take a photo of the Standee, next to a save spot.
  • Go to Level 4 in the West Arcade, near the last breaker you will see a bunny Standee leaning on the red brick wall.

After taking a photo of all 4 Standees, you will unlock the secret door in the Daycare Theater. Go inside and keep heading north until you reach Captain Foxy’s wall poster. The poster is actually a door so go ahead and enter it.

Keep following the hallway until you enter the daycare area. To your right, there is a blue hole. Jump up the number cubes and climb into the hole.

You will see the Golden Moon, the last Golden Plushie inside the room, next to a bag.

And that’s it, I hope this guide helped you with your Golden Plushies hunting!

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