How to Collect Golden Moon Plushy – Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

Photos in exchange for a plushy? Seems like a nice deal!

Sometimes navigating the map and moving around to complete a task or mission in FNAF Security Breach can be quite confusing. That’s why this article will explain in detail how to get to Golden Moon Plushy.

Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach – How to Collect Golden Moon Plushy

Well, to collect the Golden Moon Plushy, you need to take photos of cut outs in four specific places with the Faz Cam to open the secret door that leads to the Daycare Theater.

Here we have a list all 4 photos that you need to get:

  • For the first photo, you need to go down the stairs leading to Basement 1. When you get here enter through the double red door.

When you enter, immediately turn left and you will come across cardboard figures. You need to take a photo of the figure as shown in the photo below.

Cardboard cut out of Foxy
  • The second picture you have to take near Monty’s Golf is practically impossible to miss, it is right on the wall opposite the lighthouse.
Cardboard cut out of Chica with a mermaid tail
  • The third photo should be taken in a backstage area, on level 1. You will easily see the figure that is leaning on the wall.
  • The fourth photo is located in the west arch of Level 5 just below the ventilation opening on the wall.
Cardboard cut out of a bunny (lower center portion of the photo)

After you take these pictures now the secret door is open. Go to the Faz Bear Theater located on the ground floor, go straight down the hallway and enter the door at the end of the hallway.

You will enter a room with scattered toys and on the right side you will find a round opening. Enter here and in front of you will found a gift containing the Golden Moon Plushy.

Now, that’s one collectible added!

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