FNAF Ruin DLC: Escape Monty Golf Guide

That tunnel was the most scary!

FNAF Ruin DLC: Escape Monty Golf Guide

The Ruin DLC gives you a lot of new plots and stories you can experience as you play the FNAF game. As you play, there are tasks you’ll want to accomplish to get out of the area safely. Avoiding threats as well as being quick is very important.

Escaping Monty Golf in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach DLC may be a challenge for you. During this stage, you’ll see an emergency door which is in a lockdown mode. You will then have to find objects to deactivate the system to be able to open it.

Escape Monty Golf Guide

First, to the left of the beginning area, you’ll be able to find some stairs. You’ll want to wear your mask before you are able to see it. Then, walk along the stairs and you are going to be in the next area. The first security node is located after you walk up the stairs.

FNAF Ruin DLC: Escape Monty Golf Guide

As you progress, you’ll eventually reach the pixelated rabbit head. In the image down below, you’ll be able to see some cables connecting to the rabbit head. These cables will glow red and you will be able to notice them quite easily. Then, follow the cables and you’ll find the objects you’ll need to deactivate.

FNAF Ruin DLC Rabbit Head

To the right of your screen, following the red cable and you will be able to find a barrel. Deactivate the barrel by interacting with it and you will see the rabbit head change in color. The color will change from red to blue.

FNAF Ruin DLC Barrel

Then, use the AR Security Network to secure the security node. After solving the puzzle that pops up, the crate behind the rabbit head will be lifted upwards. Crouch under the crate and you will be able to follow the path to your left. Follow the path until you reach a tunnel that you can crawl through.

FNAF Ruin DLC Rabbit

Once you have reached the end, there will be a pop up that warns you. There is an anomalous entity in the network. This is really important since Glitchtrap can now come and jump scare you at any point. When he does appear, he will send Monty after you.

FNAF Ruin DLC Notification

As you do the tasks, keep that warning in mind. Then, follow the glowing red cables and deactivate the two objects. With the first one being the container. To your right, you’ll also be able to find the second object.

FNAF Ruin DLC Barrel

Then, move to the rabbit head that has turned from red to blue and breach it. You’ll want to solve the puzzle quickly because Glitchtrap is watching and he can jump on you at any time. Better be quick!

FNAF Ruin DLC Puzzle

Once you’ve done that, the door behind the rabbit head will open up. In there, you’ll find three objects that you need to deactivate. They are the can, the mini golf club and the Chica plushie. Once you’re done, breach the third rabbit head.

FNAF Ruin DLC Rabbit

Now, Gregory will tell you to look at the camera. In the camera, you’ll see that the door has been opened. And you will now have to make your way back to it.

FNAF Ruin DLC Camera

To get back, you’ll want to go inside the tunnel that you came through previously. As soon as you crouch, you’ll see Monty chasing at you. Try to stay calm and walk backwards because the sudden animation can be scary!

FNAF Ruin DLC Monty

After that, the wooden plank on top of the tunnel will fall down, blocking Monty from chasing you. This will also create a path which you can go on top of to escape the area safely. Keep following the area until the end and you’ll find your way out!

FNAF Ruin DLC Path

In the end, you’ll see that the electricity effects of the door has been removed. This means that you have successfully deactivated the security system. Simply walk up to the door and open it up. Then, you’ll be able to escape Monty Golf.

FNAF Ruin DLC Door

That’s how you Escape Monty Golf in FNAF Ruin DLC! The main point of this is to find the rabbit heads and solve the puzzles that the game gives you. By deactivating the objects connected to the rabbit heads, you’ll be able to breach it and move on to the next one.

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