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How to Unlock 3 Star Ending & All Princess Quest Walkthrough – FNAFSB Best Ending Guide

Lighten up the room as you play a princess and unlock the best ending!

To unlock the Best ending, you will need to find and finish all 3 princess quests. Finding them however is not that easy, but don’t worry since this article will explain where and how to complete it.

FNAFSB – Best Ending Guide How to Unlock 3 Star Ending & All Princess Quest Walkthrough

To start, the first one is located in Glamrock Beauty Salon. You can find this near Roxy Raceway. Enter Glamrock and go through the red door. In front of you will be the first Princess Quest.

  • Completing the First Princess Quest

It is simple to complete the first one. Turn on the lights around you and be careful not to get caught by the black creatures.

You will come across some as you continue towards the room to get the key to continue in the locked room. Continue in the next rooms until you get outside.

To leave the castle, you will have to light the fires in a certain pattern.

First the lowest right, then the light in the middle, then the light the one above it, then the light below it, and finally the light in the upper right corner.

Go ahead and grab the strange key. Continue to the next room and you will finish this quest.

The next Princess Quest is located in the Western Arcade. Climb the spiral staircase and go right to the end of the section to the red door with the “Staff Only” sign.

Go straight to the large round vent, you should be able to locate the next princess quest arcade machine here.

  • Completing the Second Princess Quest

In this quest, you will have a sword and you will need to defend yourself.

Go to the door below you and move east to the next door. And find a way to the door located west.

Then go south and enter a room with a chest in the middle. Light the fire around it, unlock it, and you will get a small key.

Then return to the place where you started and go to the upper door. Follow the path and turn on the lights in this large room and continue to the stone door.

Then go east and light the fires which will be in 3 colors in a certain pattern. This will unlock the next room and end the quest here.

Lastly, to find the last Princess Quest arcade machine, you will need to select the Vanny option and play the quest in Vanny’s Hideout room.

  • Completing the Third Princess Quest

Go to the right door and enter the hallway, move up and kill the black creatures. You will encounter a red door, enter here. Then, enter the next red door on the right.

Go east to the black door in the upper right corner of the room. Next, you will enter a slide room in which you will need to turn off both sliders and go back.

All sliders in this room will now be turned off. Move west and you will go through two ordinary doors. You will now reach a dark room where you will have to turn on the lights. Claim the key from the purple chest.

Exit the room and go to the red door in the lower right corner of the room and back to the left red door where you will take the strange key.

Then go up to the red curtains and move just north. At the end of the hallway, you will use the keys here and a cut scene will appear.

Vanny’s hideout room

And there you have it, all Princess Quests completed.

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