All Adaptation Locations for the Well-Adapted Achievement in Another Crab’s Treasure

Some of them are hidden, so this guide will help you find and unlock all of them!

Another Crab’s Treasure is a deceptively brutal roguelike with a lot of secrets to discover and abilities to unlock as you go through the heavily polluted ocean. There are a whole bunch of adaptations to collect, and completionists will want to get all of them in order to get all the achievements in the game. Here is a quick guide on how to find and learn every single adaptation!

All Adaptations Locations for the Well-Adapted Achievement

Before you begin your search, it should be noted that some of these adaptations are actually acquired as you progress further through the main storyline. This makes some of the entries here unmissable.

However, the rest of these will be unlocked through optional means, and we will be mentioning which ones fall under this category as we go through each entry. There are a total of eight adaptations to unlock, so let’s get to the list!

Another Crab's Treasure player receiving the royal wave adaptation

#1. The Royal Wave Adaptation

The first adaptation in the list will be something you get early on in the story. Basically, all you have to do is beat Duchess Magista, Tyrant of Slacktide as a part of the main questline in The Shallows.

After navigating through the castle and making it past the crazed guards, you will come face to face with the duchess herself, triggering a cutscene followed by a boss fight.

The boss itself isn’t particularly hard, as her moves are heavily telegraphed with long wind-up animations. Be ready to dodge a lot due to her long reaching swinging attacks and occasional spinning move.

One thing to note is that she will constantly try to inflict poison with some of her moves. If you see her charging up for a brief moment, try to keep your distance as she will likely start vomiting poison while running backwards.

Upon defeating her, you will immediately learn the Royal Wave adaptation, which will allow you to perform a swiping move that will temporarily cause affected targets to take increased damage from any attack.

Another Crab's Treasure player fighting magista

#2. The Bubble Bullet Adaptation

The next one will require you to defeat The Ceviche Sisters, which is a pair of bosses that you will have to beat in the Flotsam Vale area as a part of the main questline.

When you first jump into their arena, be ready to dodge immediately, as there is a huge chance of one of the sisters shooting you right off the bat. Although their shots are very telegraphed, it can be hard to keep track of both in the heat of combat.

The main thing you want to do here is to focus on one sister at a time. Try your best to parry or block the melee attacks of whichever boss you go for first while dodging the occasional potshots from the other one.

Basically, the Ceviche Sisters will switch to a melee attack whenever you get too close, but they will also occasionally dash away from you with a sort of fade away sweeping ranged attack, so watch out for that.

There are bottles scattered around the arena that you can use for cover, but if the fight lasts for too long, you will eventually run out of these.

Upon defeating both of these bosses, you will learn the Bubble Bullet adaptation, which allows you to fire a projectile that deals moderate damage.

Another Crab's Treasure player fighting a ceviche sister

#3. The Eelectrocute Adaptation

For this next one, you must defeat the boss named Voltai, The Accumulator. This will still be in the Flotsam Vale region, but much further down the line from the previous pair of bosses that you defeated earlier.

You will be riding a bunch of magnets along the way to this boss, and we actually have a guide on how to solve one of the magnet puzzles in Flotsam Vale that will prove useful here if you are feeling a bit lost.

After jumping into her arena and triggering a brief cutscene full of ominous rhymes, Voltai will pop out from a wall of rubbish. When the fight begins, immediately start attacking her while dodging the projectiles from the hair dryer attached to her.

Throughout the fight, she will occasionally switch from one rubbish pile to another. When she pops back out after her first swap, be ready to jump away from the shockwaves.

On her second swap, she will start trying to hit you with an adult toy. Just be ready to dodge whenever it hovers over you. Next, she will pop out with a toaster. Use the pieces of toast to climb up and start attacking her.

Another Crab's Treasure player fighting Voltai

Second Phase – Around 50% HP

Once she is down to about half (or less) of her health bar, the arena will start filling with poison, leaving only bits of trash as safe spots to stand on.

When this happens, just stay on nonpoisonous ground and keep fighting her throughout her different spots. She will just be repeating her cycle of swapping rubbish piles and using various gadgets, so her attacks are going to be very predictable.

Upon defeating her, you will receive the Eelectrocute adaptation, which will let you shock enemies that get too close or power up certain machinery.

Another Crab's Treasure player defeating voltai

#4. The Snail Sanctum Adaptation

Finally, the last of the story-related adaptations can be acquired by defeating Petroch, The False Moon within The Unfathom in later stages of the main story.

This boss is actually disguised as a Moon Snail Shell, which you have been resting at and using for fast travel throughout the game. While you navigate through this dark zone, be ready for a boss battle when you see the shell shown below:

Another Crab's Treasure player approaching the suspicious moon snail shell

Attempting to enter the shell will cause you to get spit back out. When this happens, be ready to dodge as Petroch will leap at you. One thing to note during this fight is that most of his moves will also spawn crystals nearby that will expand and block your path.

Take your time and avoid making unnecessary risks as the boss fills your surroundings with crystals. The boss will also occasionally hide in his shell and roll around, which will deal damage on impact.

Breaking its posture will give you a massive opportunity to deal a chunk of damage, so work towards doing that as you dodge his moves.

Upon beating this boss, you will receive the Snail Sanctum adaptation, which will let you summon an Umami-infused shell whenever you are completely naked.

Another Crab's Treasure player fighting petroch the false moon

#5. The Bobbit Trap Adaptation

For the first adaptation that isn’t tied to the main storyline, you will need to go to The Sands Between. Specifically, it can be found in the western part of this region, in the highlighted part of the map below:

Another Crab's Treasure map with the bobbit trap location highlighted

As you make your way up the cliff, watch out for nearby enemies and X marks on the ground. The latter is especially dangerous as stepping on them can result in your death, so just walk around them.

At the top, you should see a small shrine-like formation with a starfish attached to it. Below will be something shining on the ground. Just pick it up and you will have learned the Bobbit Trap adaptation.

This adaptation will allow you to summon a Bobbit Worm that will go after anything that steps on top of its mark, just like the ones you had to avoid on the way to unlock it.

Another Crab's Treasure player standing in the spot where the bobbit trap is learned

#6. The Mantis Punch Adaptation

For this one, we actually have a guide on how to get Mantis Punch and break purple Umami-infused blocks in Another Crab’s Treasure that you should check out.

The previously linked guide goes into more detail as it is an optional boss fight within the Expired Grove, specifically inside Topoda’s Garden. It also contains an image of the map showing where the boss can be found.

The main gist of the fight is that Grovekeeper Topoda will apply constant pressure that will require you to learn how to parry or dodge properly. Be patient and learn his attack patterns before going on the offensive.

Upon beating this boss, he will offer to teach you the Mantis Punch adaptation. This will allow you to destroy Umami-infused blocks and uncover new paths throughout the map, even in places you’ve already visited in the past!

Another Crab's Treasure player fighting grovekeeper topoda

#7. The Tactical Tentacle Adaptation

Next up is the Tactical Tentacle adaptation. Just like the previous one, we actually have a more in-depth guide on how to find and beat the Consortium boss in Another Crab’s Treasure, which will result in you unlocking this adaptation.

Before you go for this one, you must have the Mantis Punch adaptation. This is because the way to the boss is blocked by an Umami-infused wall, which must be destroyed with that ability.

To summarize this optional boss fight, you have to break the knots scattered all throughout the cage that this consortium of sea creatures is trapped in. It is fairly simple encounter with heavily telegraphed moves.

Upon defeating the Consortium, you will immediately learn the Tactical Tentacle adaptation. It is a straightforward damage dealing ability, and you mainly only want it for the achievement.

Another Crab's Treasure player fighting The Consortium boss

#8. The Urchin Toss Adaptation

Finally, the last adaptation can be acquired within the Lower Crust region. All you have to do is search for the sea urchin named Erich, who is wearing a red bucket over his head.

Once you find and speak with him, run into him repeatedly. This will deal damage to you, so be ready to heal up every now and then. Eventually, he will get fed up with your antics and teach you the Urchin Toss adaptation, which lets you throw a sticky explosive urchin.

Another Crab's Treasure player interacting with Erich

After that, you should receive the Well-Adapted achievement. If your game is bugged and refuses to award you with it, try to upgrade an adaptation at Grovekeeper Topoda and see if that fixes the issue, as some users reported this to be a working solution.

And that is everything you need to know in order to get this achievement in the game. While you are here, consider checking out our guide on how to find the Knight’s Helmet in Another Crab’s Treasure, as it will also give you another achievement!


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