All Stainless Relic Locations for the Make it Shine Achievement in Another Crab’s Treasure

These will be the “key” to your success down the line!

There are various collectibles and optional bosses to discover in the new souls-like game Another Crab’s Treasure. Among these are the stainless relics, which are just discarded metal keys scattered throughout the ocean. Here is a quick guide on how you can find all of them and eventually earn the Make it Shine achievement.

All Stainless Relic Locations for the Make it Shine Achievement

There are a total of 15 stainless relics scattered throughout the game, and there are varying ways of getting them. We’ll be showing you where and how to get each of these, as well as how you can use them to get the Make it Shine achievement.

Relic #1. In Reef’s Edge, New Carcinia

The first one is just on top of a yellow ledge in front of the Moon Snail Shell. Simply grapple onto the net in front of it and grab the stainless relic from the ground, indicated by a yellow glow.

Another Crab's Treasure player grappling onto a net

Relic #2. The Prawn Shop in New Carcinia

While you are still in New Carcinia, you can actually grab another stainless relic from the Prawn Shop. This will set you back 5,000 Microplastics, so make sure you have enough before going here!

Another Crab's Treasure the prawn shop buying interface

Relic #3. Heikea in the Expired Grove

The next stainless relic is automatically given to you after defeating the boss named Heikea, Intimidating Crab within the Expired Grove.

He is likely one of the harder introductory bosses you will be facing very early on in the game, but he shouldn’t be much of an issue once you figure out how the fight works.

Basically, in his first phase, he will have very slow and telegraphed swings that you can easily dodge away from. After that, you will have a brief moment to strike him a couple of times before you have to move again.

At around half health, he will break the chopsticks and add a few extra swings to his move set. Just take your time to learn his patterns and try to break his posture in order to give yourself a huge window of opportunity for some free hits.

Another Crab's Treasure heikea boss fight cutscene

Relic #4. Shortly After Beating Heikea

Upon defeating the boss that gives you the 3rd stainless relic, open up the shortcut to his arena. From there, turn around and follow the path leading up to the cliffs, jumping over any obstacles along the way.

You will eventually stumble into a pair of hooks that you can grapple to. Get past these two hooks and keep following this path, which is fairly straightforward and has a few more hooks, nets, and platforms to jump across.

Another Crab's Treasure player grappling onto a hook

At the end of this path will be a green and murky cave with a few enemies. After clearing out the room, you will be able to grab the stainless relic by opening the oyster at the end of the room.

Another Crab's Treasure player opening an oyster to reveal a relic

Relic #5. Locker Room in Flotsam Vale

For this one, you must first tweak the magnet in Flotsam Vale. We have a guide on how you can solve the magnet puzzle in Flotsam Vale that will help with this step, so check that out first if you haven’t done it before.

After riding the magnet all the way to the next section of the map, take out the enemies at your destination and head up the staircase highlighted below:

Another Crab's Treasure directions to the relic from the magnet puzzle

Here, you will have to go through a series of nets that will lead you to an upper platform. Carefully grapple and climb your way up, avoiding spikes along the way. Once you’re at the top, follow the linear path to reach the oyster holding a stainless relic.

Another Crab's Treasure player taking a relic from an oyster

Relic #6. Along the Way in Flotsam Vale

As you progress through the Flotsam Vale region, you will eventually stumble into the next stainless relic on the ground. You literally cannot miss this one, unless you are playing with your eyes closed.

Another Crab's Treasure player finding a relic on the ground

Relic #7. Closing in on the Boss

As you start inching your way towards the Voltai boss arena, you will be able to rest up at a Moon Snail Shell. Upon scaling to the top of the nearby building, you can unlock a shortcut leading back to that point.

Another Crab's Treasure map showing the shortcut's location

If you look behind this shortcut, you should see a path going down to a small platform. From there, just jump across to the other platform ahead and pick up the stainless relic from the ground.

Another Crab's Treasure player on the platform with the relic highlighted

Relic #8. The Sands Between – Expired Knoll

Now that you have beaten Voltai in the Flotsam Vale, you need to make your way back to The Sands Between. Somewhere at the northwestern corner of the map will be an Umami-infused purple block.

We have a guide on how to get the Mantis Punch adaptation and break Umami-infused blocks that you should check out first if you haven’t already gotten it.

Break the block using your Mantis Punch ability to reveal a vent that will take you to the top of the cliff. Follow the path down until you come across two tough looking crabs. Defeat both of them to be awarded the next stainless relic.

Another Crab's Treasure player approaching the two relic guards

Relic #9. While On the Same Cliff

Immediately after acquiring stainless relic #8, turn back around and continue down through the path behind you. At the edge, you will find a metal crab.

Use the Eelectrocute adaptation from Voltai to activate the metal crab and reveal a series of hooks that you can grapple to reach the cliff further ahead.

Another Crab's Treasure player approaching a metal crab

Upon making it to the cliff past the hooks, make your way to the top to fight a mini boss. Upon defeating this tough enemy, which will have a very familiar move set, you will automatically receive the next stainless relic.

Another Crab's Treasure player fighting a mini boss

Relic #10. The Sands Between – Secluded Ridge

In the eastern part of this region, you will be blocked by yet another wall of purple Umami-infused blocks. With Mantis Punch equipped, break through it and follow the path forward.

Eventually, you will stumble into a Moon Snail Shell. After touching the current and unlocking the shell, continue down the path to the northwest. Upon reaching a clearing, turn to the right.

Another Crab's Treasure directions to the next part of the cliff

Once you reach a fork in the road, turn to the left and head up the hill. Upon climbing to the top, you should see a plate with leftovers on top. The stainless relic is right on the middle of this plate.

Another Crab's Treasure player approaching the plate of leftovers

Relic #11. The Sands Between – Flotsam Runoff

From the Moon Snail Shell at the Flotsam Runoff, run to the southwest and just keep following the path. At the end, you will find a metal crab. All you have to do is use Eelectrocute on it to lower a platform right in front of you, which will have the stainless relic on top of it.

Another Crab's Treasure player approaching metal crab, with platform highlighted

Relic #12. The Unfathom – Luminous Respite

Much later in the story, you will find yourself in the gloomy The Unfathom region. The next stainless relic is actually out in the open, within the vicinity of the highlighted part of the map below. The only catch is that there will be several enemies to deal with here.

Another Crab's Treasure map of the unfathom showing where the relic is

Relic #13. The Unfathom – Beating Up Another Boss

Eventually, you will face a squid named Inkerton within The Unfathom. If you didn’t notice from the cutscene, he’s actually wearing a bunch of keys already. So yeah, beat him to get the next stainless relic.

When the fight starts, he will fire at you immediately. Be ready to dodge once the barrel of his gun starts to glow. He will start swinging when you get close enough, so counter or dodge his melee attacks before you push the offensive.

Whenever Inkerton dashes backwards in a circular motion, he will immediately lunge at you, so keep an eye out for his movements. If you can quickly take down his posture, you can pretty much end the fight within a minute, if not less.

Another Crab's Treasure player defeating inkerton

Relic #14. Nearing the End of the Story

At The Old Ocean, once you make it past the Moon Snail Shell at the City Gates, when you run into the bottle highlighted below, you must follow the path to the right.

After just a bit of platforming, you have to jump on a sponge to reach the upper floor. There, you will find an oyster that is holding the next stainless relic.

Another Crab's Treasure directions from the bottle to the path leading to the relic

Relic #15. The Old Ocean – Lookout Tower

Finally, when you reach the Moon Snail Shell at the Lookout Tower, just jump onto the sponge that is just off the ledge directly behind it. At the upper floor, use the next sponge to jump onto the rooftops ahead.

Once you are on the rooftops, just keep going forward and jump across the gap between the two buildings. From there, just go to the left and the final stainless relic should be right there inside an oyster.

Another Crab's Treasure directions to the final stainless relic

How to Use the Stainless Relics

In order to use the stainless relics and get the Make it Shine achievement, you must travel back to New Carcinia. There, seek out the NPC named Hammerhead, who is very close to the Moon Snail Shell in the Lower Crust.

He will offer to upgrade your fork at the cost of those stainless relics you have been collecting. After fully upgrading, you will receive a massive attack boost and the coveted Make it Shine achievement.

Another Crab's Treasure player initiating the hammerhead npc dialogue

And that is everything that you need to know in order to find all of the stainless relics in the game, as well as how to use them. While you’re here, if you are trying to go for 100% completion, check out our guide on how to find the Knight’s Helmet in Another Crab’s Treasure as well!


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