How to Find Knight’s Helmet in Another Crab’s Treasure

Get yourself a shiny new achievement by getting this helmet!

Don’t let the quirky art style and humorous dialogue fool you, Another Crab’s Treasure is a deceptively brutal souls-like by the developers of the hilarious corporate satire Going Under. One of the achievements you can get is Shellslike, which involves looking for a secret Knight’s Helmet, so here is how you can get it!

How to Find the Knight’s Helmet

In the later stages of the game (as in, very close to the final boss), you will eventually find yourself in an area known as Carcinia, the Bleached City. As you progress through this area, you will have to use an elevator to go up.

Normally, you want to defeat the enemies up here and go straight forward. However, if you want to find the Knight’s Helmet, you will want to go to the left instead after getting to the upper floor.

Another Crab's Treasure player leaving the elevator to enter the platforming puzzle

Bouncing and Grappling All Around

If you follow through this path, you will be able to climb up a very steep and ruined staircase. The hard part will be coming shortly after, as the beginning of a long platforming challenge starts at the top of these stairs.

The path is fairly straightforward, but will require some careful jumping. Bounce and grapple your way through the first section until you pass a bunch of bottles and reach an area with nets that you can grab on.

Another Crab's Treasure player grappling through the spiky corridor

Avoid the spikes as you climb from the yellow net and jump onto the green one. Go up a bit until you can safely reach the upper half of the yellow net and proceed to a platform with a switch on it.

Interact with this switch to bring down a pillar further ahead that you can grapple to. Once you do this, bounce from the bubbles over the bottles to the left until you reach another set of pillars that you can grapple to.

Another Crab's Treasure player approaching the switch

At the end of these pillars will be another corridor of spikes and some more platforms you can use to bounce across. Use all the tools at your disposal to reach the yellow net to the right.

You will want to climb up this net as high as you can without touching any of the spikes. From there, jump across and bounce on the bubble to reach a green net on the opposite side.

Another Crab's Treasure player grappling onto the yellow net

From the green net, look to the right and grapple to the pillar to get some verticality and reach the platform that you can bounce on below.

Use this platform to bounce onto the blue net straight ahead. You can use this net to reach the platform to the left of it, just be careful of more spikes!

Another Crab's Treasure player platforming onto the blue net

Good Timing Required!

Once you get past the blue net, there will be a can of shaving cream here that you can use to make a moving platform. After the platform is created, be ready to move quickly.

Head into the tunnel to the right and use the bubbles to bounce up to where the moving platform crosses. Quickly land on top of it and use the bubbles ahead to get past all the spikes and land onto the moving platform in a clear area.

Another Crab's Treasure player platforming onto moving platform

Now that you are in the clear, stay on the moving platform until you are close enough to grapple onto a hook further up. Once you’re within range, simply make your way to the floating island just ahead of the two hooks.

Another Crab's Treasure player grappling onto the final island

Upon reaching the island, you should be able to spot a very familiar looking helmet on the ground. This is the Knight’s Helmet that you need for the achievement, so just walk up to it and swap on over to finish your search.

And that is pretty much everything you need to know in order to find this secret near the end of the game. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to break purple Umami-infused blocks in Another Crab’s Treasure as well!


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