Consortium Secret Boss Fight Guide in Another Crab’s Treasure

This boss is not required to finish the game, but let’s beat it up anyway!

Despite its silly humor and quirky art style, Another Crab’s Treasure is a worthy addition to the souls-like genre that has its own fair share of secret bosses and other hidden stuff. Among these is a boss known as the Consortium, which is pretty darn hidden out of the way, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to beat it to a pulp!

Consortium Secret Boss Fight Guide

To reach the Consortium boss, you will need to pass through the Expired Grove first. At a certain point, near a crab holding a hammer, you will see a purple Umami-infused cube blocking the path you need to go through.

We have a guide on how to break purple Umami blocks in Another Crab’s Treasure that you should check out first. This will teach you how to get Mantis Punch, which is an adaptation that will let you get through this secret path!

Refer to the image below to see where the purple Umami blocks should be in the Expired Grove (it’s already destroyed in this example, so we just drew it on, oops).

Another Crab's Treasure location of the umami block in the expired grove

Continue through this path. It’s pretty straightforward, so you shouldn’t get lost. Keep going straight until you reach some milk cartons. Head over to the left to reach yet another milk carton with the “cow water” logo.

Behind it will be a series of hooks that you can grapple to. Do this until you reach a long and dilapidated bridge with another carton on top of it.

Another Crab's Treasure player platforming through milk cartons

Keep going through this path and do a bit of platforming to get through the gaps. Avoid the enemies, as fighting them is unnecessary. Press on until you can jump onto a new pathway marked by a fishing rod at the side.

At the end of this pathway, you will transition into a section of Flotsam Vale. From here, all you need to do is keep going forward until you see an ominous pile of junk on the ground.

Another Crab's Treasure player approaching the way to flotsam vale

Fighting the Consortium Boss

As the name implies, the Consortium is actually an abomination consisting of several creatures trapped inside a cage. In order to defeat it, you can’t just simply hit it until it dies like a traditional boss.

Instead, the goal here is to break its restraints and free all of the animals stuck inside, who will constantly try to prevent you from doing so for whatever reason.

Look for the neon green bits of rope that are scattered all throughout the cage. Each of these has its own health bar, and you will have to destroy them one by one to win the fight.

Another Crab's Treasure consortium boss with the knot highlighted

There will be four of these all around the bottom side of the cage, while two knots can be found on top of it. Feel free to tackle the ones at the top whenever you want, but the ideal way is to just leave it for last.

The fight itself is actually very simple, as the boss’ attacks are extremely telegraphed. Just keep your distance and take potshots at the knots whenever an opening presents itself.

While avoiding the claw and octopus tentacle is a no-brainer, one thing to keep in mind is that one part of the cage has a tentacle holding on to a flare gun. Whenever this tentacle starts preparing for a shot, be ready to dodge.

Another Crab's Treasure player getting shot at by the flare gun

Don’t be afraid to dodge into its attacks, as you are relatively safe while directly under the cage. Just be careful as it will occasionally roll backwards or charge forward, which can ruin your day if you’re under it.

When you’re ready to take out the knots on top of the cage, use the hooks in the arena to grapple into the air and land on top of the boss itself.

The boss can hit you while you are on top of it, so don’t stand still for too long. Stay mobile and watch out for the flare gun, as it will constantly try to shoot you as you are up here.

Upon breaking all of the knots, the boss will crumble as all of the creatures stuck inside are set free into the polluted sea.

Tactical Tentacle Reward

This will reward you with Tactical Tentacle, which allows you to summon a tentacle of Umami that will help you deal damage.

Another Crab's Treasure player receiving the tactical tentacle

And that is everything you need to know in order to find and beat this surprisingly easy secret boss in the game. While you’re here, if you’re a completionist, consider checking out our guide on how to find the Knight’s Helmet in Another Crab’s Treasure to uncover another secret in the game!


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