How to Destroy Purple Umami Blocks in Another Crab’s Treasure

You’ll need to progress a bit further, but they hide a lot of secrets!

The developers of Going Under (fantastic roguelike, by the way) have just released Another Crab’s Treasure, which is a humorous souls-like that takes place in a very polluted ocean. Throughout your adventure, you will come across purple blocks that seem impossible to break. In this guide, we will show you how you can get through them!

How to Destroy Purple Umami Blocks

Simply put, you can only start breaking purple blocks once you have unlocked the Mantis Punch adaptation. This can be acquired by beating Grovekeeper Topoda, who can be quite challenging, especially for newcomers to the souls-like genre.

This boss can be found in Topoda’s Garden, which is a part of the Expired Grove. Once you get there, be ready for a relatively tough fight.

Another Crab's Treasure map with grovekeeper topoda's location in it

How Can You Beat Grovekeeper Topoda?

Proper parry timings will be one of the key things you need in order to win this fight, as Topoda is relentless. As with any other boss, take your time to learn his patterns and play a little more defensively until you get comfortable with his moves.

One attack to watch out for is when he takes a step back and charges up for a brief moment, indicated by a quick blue glow. After that, he will disappear for a bit and blink back in to immediately lunge at you.

When he prepares this move, be ready to dodge out of the way. If you are successful, you will have an opportunity to attack him for a few hits before he tries to slash you again.

Another Crab's Treasure topoda lunging attack in action

At around 50% health, he will do a special attack wherein he will conjure up a sand storm that will shroud him every so often. When this happens, he will constantly be doing that lunging attack mentioned above.

During this period, the only thing you can really do is to remain vigilant and dodge out of the way whenever he pops back in. After that, he will continue doing the usual attacks on you, so just memorize his patterns.

If you are confident in your ability to avoid getting hit, work towards breaking his posture to give yourself some huge opportunities to deal a chunk of damage to him.

Another Crab's Treasure grovekeeper topoda's sandstorm attack

Learning the Mantis Punch Adaptation

After defeating him, Topoda will ask you to end him in a surprisingly emotional moment that abruptly ends in a humorous way. Following the cutscene, just speak with him and he will teach you the Mantis Punch.

Another Crab's Treasure adaptations list with mantis punch highlighted

Mantis Punch, as the description states, will allow you to destroy Umami-infused objects. With this attack equipped, just walk up to any blocks that have a distinct purple light trailing across them and hit it with this skill!

Now, you can backtrack and look for any other similar roadblocks that you passed by early on. Go ahead and reveal some more secrets in earlier areas!

Another Crab's Treasure player using mantis punch on a destructible wall

And that is everything you need to know in order to learn Mantis Punch and start breaking those pesky purple Umami-infused blocks. While you’re here, make sure to check out our guide on the Consortium secret boss fight in Another Crab’s Treasure!


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