Where To Find Dark Souls Outfit in Another Crab’s Treasure

Even crabs can praise the sun!

If you know where to go, you can find a unique outfit based on Dark Souls in the vast sea of Another Crab’s Treasure!

The charming crabby souls-like loves to pay reverence to its inspirations, it seems. It’s no surprise that they’ve included an unlockable outfit based on one of Dark Souls’ most popular characters.

If you’re eager to get Kril dressed up to praise the sun, read on. We’ll tell you where to go to find the unique Dark Souls outfit in this game.

Where To Find Dark Souls Outfit | Sunlight Costume

Mantis Punch is required!

Before you can get your crabby little pincers on the Sunlight outfit inspired by Dark Souls, you’ll need to get the Mantis Punch Adaptation.

This Adaptation will allow you to break purple Umami blocks you find out in the world. Since it’s so important, we already have a guide on how to get and use the Mantis Punch!

Sands Between Shelleport

When you have the Mantis Punch, you will need to make your way to The Sands Between. We’ll start from the first Shelleport location there, Expired Knoll.

Now, you’ll have to make your way far to the southeast of The Sands Between, to the Secluded Ridge section. Ideally, try to hang as close to the wall on your left as possible while moving there.

You’ll avoid most enemies that way, and it’s also easier to tell where you need to go.

Location of the Purple Umami Block and the Outfit on a map

Eventually, you’ll encounter an opening between two cliffs blocked by a purple Umami block. It should be in the spot marked on the map above.

Use your Mantis Punch to give that purple Umami block what for!

Rocky formation with bonfire

After obliterating the Umami block, go straight forward through the opening and then take the first right. You should be heading south, for reference.

You should now be in an area overlooking the open vastness of The Sands Between. More importantly, this area has a rocky formation with a small bonfire of sorts in front of it.

Grabbing the Sunlight Outfit

Approach the bonfire and interact with it to instantly unlock the Dark Souls-inspired Outfit, Sunlight! It has no effect, just like other Outfits in the game.

Outfit Unlocked | Where To Find Dark Souls Outfit in Another Crab's Treasure

Nonetheless, its resemblance to Dark Souls’ Solaire of Astora is undeniable. Too bad Another Crab’s Treasure doesn’t have any jolly co-operation to partake in, huh?

Anyway, you can now just equip the Outfit anytime from the Status menu. Praise the sun!


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