Ark Survival Ascended: How To Stack X-Plants

Now that’s some good leaf!

Ark Survival Ascended X Plant

In Ark Survival Ascended, there’s an abundance of plants and a complete absence of any form of law enforcement whatsoever. This alone means that being stuck on an island filled with reptiles five times your size isn’t that bad after all. Now, all you need is a surplus of these plants in order to survive.

When you stumble into the Redwoods, you’ll eventually find Plant Species X. A defensive plant that can be grown in a large crop pot. If you want your base to stay defended, then you’re going to learn how to stack these plants together. Find out how with the guide below!

How To Stack X-Plants

There’s a mechanic that lets you double the amount of X-Plants you have by overlapping them. This lets you have more turret availability for smaller spaces.

X-Plants are one of the most frustrating things to deal with when you’re raiding somebody else’s base. The reason they’re so good is because of how it slows you down per hit while maintaining a decent rate of fire.

Ark Survival Ascended X Plant

Normally, you would kill an X-Plant using a crossbow equipped with a flame arrow. Because plants don’t react too well to fire, just like in real life.

But you can’t do that right now because there are no flame arrows available, making X-Plants completely broken.

The only way you can take down an X-Plant is to get up close and swing on them. That or with the liberal use of your many rockets.

Ark Survival Ascended X Plant Crop Plot

To get started, go to your build screen and place a few Large Crop Plots on the ground. Three to five will be enough for this guide, but you can plop down a few more if overkill isn’t an issue.

Ark Survival Ascended X Plant Crop Plot

Once the first layer has been placed, go ahead and disable snapping. Start aiming in between the first two crop plots and wait for the one on top to go green.

This will make the X-Plant think that there’s nothing blocking its way. Sadly, you can’t add a third layer. Doing so will block the first layer, making them completely useless.

Ark Survival Ascended X Plant Crop Plot

All you have to do next is plant the seed on the crop plots along with some fertilizer if you have any. Interact with the ones on the bottom pile as well to double your X-Plant output.

When they’re fully grown, don’t forget to set their range to high and their targeting to all targets. Copy the settings to all targets in range as well, so you spend less time setting up your defenses.

Ark Survival Ascended X Plant Crop Plot Inventory

And that’s all you need to do in order to stack X-Plants in ARK: Survival Ascended. Try it out for yourself, and be quick! It’s only a matter of time before a feature like this gets fixed.

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