Ark Survival Ascended: Raptor Claus Guide | Blueprint & Loot Farm

Follow the dino!

Ark Survival Ascended: Raptor Claus Guide | Blueprint & Loot Farm Featured Image

The release of Ark Survival Ascended’s Winter Wonderland event transforms the entire game into a holiday-themed sensation that comes with its own rewards and events like the Nice & Naughty system.

Of course, one of the most anticipated events is the Raptor Claus event that sees the return of the popular dinosaur Santa.

Newcomers to this event wouldn’t be able to know who or what Raptors Claus is. But we’re here to give you a brief introduction to this event and what you can get out of it.

Raptor Claus Guide

What Is Raptor Claus?

Like most games, Ark Survival Ascended comes with its own holiday-themed update during the Christmas season.

Raptor Claus is one of the constants of the holiday season in this game.

So, in the basic sense, Raptor Claus is a raptor-themed Santa Claus who appears during certain periods in the game every single day during the holiday season.

He flies on a sled and drops gifts that you can loot.

The key here is to know where and how to find Raptor Claus so that you can take advantage of the presents that this dino Santa drops.

Ark Survival Ascended Raptor Claus

How To Find & Follow Raptor Claus

Raptor Claus appears at 2400 (12am) in-game. Before he appears, it is best for you to find a high vantage point that would allow you to scan the sky well to spot him.

You can spot this dino because of the bright orange lights he will be emitting during the nighttime.

Using a spyglass would help you spot him more easily, but it’s not really necessary. The difficult part is that his spawning location tends to be random, but it is usually somewhere at the edge of the map because he tends to fly from one edge to another.

Ark Survival Ascended Raptor Claus How to find

When Raptor Claus spawns, you will hear a clear “Ho Ho Ho” that sounds weird but is undoubtedly coming from him. A message saying “Raptor Claus has arrived” will appear on your server.

Spotting Raptor Claus is the hardest part here because of the complete randomness of his spawning location. But once you locate him, it’s actually easy to follow him.

Get behind Raptor Claus, see the direction where he is going, and then look at your map. He will go in a straight line. So, what you want to do is to draw an imaginary line from where you started all the way to where he is going to end.

You can create a waypoint to where you traced his possible ending location, so that you can simply follow a straight line from where you started and get all the way to the waypoint!

Ark Survival Ascended Raptor Claus how to follow

What Does Raptor Claus Drop?

After spotting Raptor Claus, follow the line from end to end so that you can get his drops. The dinosaur will be dropping loots that are going to be interesting and useful for the entire year.

Some of the loots that this dino will drop include Beacons, Mistletoe, and Coal. You can use these items to craft other items during the holiday event.

In most cases, you can craft skins and useful items using the loots.

Ark Survival Ascended Raptor Claus Loot blueprints

There are also instances wherein the presents will have item qualities of Apprentice or better than that. In some cases, you may even get an Ascendant item that’s going to be incredibly useful. Like the randomness of Raptor Claus’ spawning locations, the items he drops can also be random.

Finding Raptor Claus may be somewhat tricky, especially when you have to initially spot him. The easy part comes after that. Of course, the rewards that you can get from his loots make the entire event worthwhile.

But make sure that you collect the loots right away because they typically only last until 2am. Make the most out of farming those dino loots!

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