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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege Of Paris DLC: All New Tattoo Design Locations

Get your Eivor to look like a true Viking!

Excited? I know I am! The new expansion for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has just been released and the hype is real! If you are a Vikings fan, than you mist be dying to help Rollo become the Duke of Normandy and get to sack, in a way, Paris as a true viking warrior! But, what would be the fun in that, if you didn’t look the part? Here is where you can find the new, sick designs the developers have added for this DLC.

All New Tattoo Design Locations – ACV Siege Of Paris

You can find them, buy them or you might need some infamy for some of these.

So, here are the locations for each of them:

  • Ouroboros Scheme (Head)

    This one is in Melunois. It’s the flying paper mystery shown below.
    Just run after it and you’ve got it. With a bit of skill, you’ll get it in a second.

  • Ouroboros Scheme (Back)

    We’re still in Melunois, but in the Southeastern area of the map, as shown below.
    Behind the waterfall, there is an explodable wall. Destroy it with an explosive arrow or a barrel that you’ll find inside the locked house there. Walk to the end and get a map.
    Follow it East of Paris and get the tattoo, that’s sitting in grass there.

  • Carolingian Scheme (Back)

    In Evreux there is a flying paper, as in the picture below.
    Jump around after it and you’ve got it. Easy peasy.

  • Fleur-de-lys Scheme (Back)

    In the Amienois region, in the city, the scheme is just flying around on a building. Just do your thing and run after it.

  • Oriflamme Scheme (Back)

    In the outskirts of Northern Paris, at Saint-Denis. There is a treasure map at the top of the church.
    The map will lead you into Paris, and you’ll have to get into a well there. The tattoo will be inside.

  • Oriflamme Scheme (Head)

    Right in Paris, as shown below. Another one of the running, flying papers.

  • Mendicant Scheme (Back)

    Southern Paris, flying paper. Getting pretty repetitive here, I know.
    The location is right below:

  • Rebel Scheme (Torso)

    To get this beautiful tattoo, you just need to be cool and get infamy level 2. That’s it. No location, no nothing.

  • Rebel Scheme (Arms, Back, Head)

    They can all be bought from a rebel shopkeeper at different infamy levels. The arms at level 2, back at level 3 and head at level 4.

  • Ouroboros Scheme (Arms, Torso)

    The merchant in Melun, Melunois, will sell them to you for a total of 280 silver. Not much to add here.

  • Medicant Scheme (Arms, Torso, Head)

    The Boatmen Baths Tavern merchant will sell you these tattoos, in Southern Paris, for 140 silver each.

  • Carolingian Scheme (Arms, Torso, Head)

    Down in Evreux, Evresin, you can find a merchant that will give you all these tattoos on a plate. Well, not really. At the 140 silver price you’re already used to.

  • Fleur-de-lys Scheme (Arms, Torso, Head)

    In Amiens, at the merchant. Not very interesting at this point, I know.

  • Oriflamme Scheme (Arms, Torso)

    The merchant in Northern Paris will get these for you.

And these are all the tattoos the developers have added for this expansion of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege Of Paris DLC: All New Weapon Locations

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