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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Siege Of Paris: Future Past Trophy Guide (Assassin Bureau Location)

Learn the secrets of the ancients!

The Siege of Paris is finally out and I know I am excited! With the opportunity to loot and pillage other places besides England is a quest we all are ready to partake in! But there are some other missions, besides helping Rollo, that will require our attention. And those are the ACHIEVEMENTS! You all want to get them, I know, so let’s get the “Future Past” trophy, together, with the help of this little guide!

Future Past Trophy Guide & Assassin Bureau Location – ACV Siege Of Paris

I know you probably would just like to sprint to the location of the sanctuary and get the achievement straight away, but that’s not possible.

You will first need to collect three keys in order to get in… So, let’s get to collecting and getting in the Bureau:

  • Key 1

    This one is in the Evresin region, Northeast of Evreux, Soutwest of Pont-de-l’Arche, at the little side quest sign with an ancient column shown in the picture below.
    Once you’re there, find one of those breakable wooden floors, break it, and jump to see the sights! Inside you’ll find a door with the Assassin’s mark. Get in there!
    There will be swarms of rats all around, so be sure they have where to run and hit them like crazy! At the end of the room, you will see the key shining blue.

  • Key 2

    You can find it in the Melunois province, at the Diodurum Ruins. Luckily enough, there is a fast travel here, so you might have visited the place before!
    Again, you can see it below as shining blue quest sign.
    Jump into the lake at this location and go into the ruins. You will find another Assassin marked door. Open the door and look around.
    After a bit of snorkeling, you will find at the end one of those explodable doorways. Just throw a red barrel at it, or shoot and explosive arrow, get in there and the key will shine on a desk.

  • Key 3

    In the Amienois region, East of Paris and South of the Epernay eagle point you can find the third key, in the place shown in the following picture.
    For this last one, look around for a breakable wooden floor, break it and jump inside, and open the marked Assassin door.
    Explode the rubble wall and inside you’ll find the third and final key.

You did it! Now you just need to find the Bureau and open the door! Head to the place shown below in Paris and you’ll find a nice little ruined house. Jump in there and swim a bit.

Once you get there, open the door with the keys. And you’ve done it! You got the Future Past achievement!

If you also look around a bit, you will find the Joyuse sword to the right, after exploding a wall. All in all, a good experience!

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