Atelier Ryza 3: How To Make Gems Fast

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Resource gathering never goes away in any good game, it’s always nice that you can go out of your way every now and then to farm for materials to get items that you shouldn’t normally have until a few chapters later.

This would include the gems you gather to no end in Atelier Ryza 3, if it’s a guide on how to make a stack of gems real quick then look no further, we have that right here. The details are right below, now stop spending so much time choosing a costume and start synthesizing!

How To Make Gems Fast | Atelier Ryza 3

Alternative methods of making gems in Atelier Ryza 3 would involve breaking down older pieces of equipment for Item Duplication.

You can repeat the cycle by creating new gear and replacing that gear with higher quality versions or simply reinforce them, all with the power of alchemy.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to maximize your gem farming.

To make the most out of this process, make sure you already have Duplication unlocked in your skill tree along with Item Rebuilding.

The next step is to abuse one of the newly added super traits called Ultra Purity, it gives you more gems whenever you reduce items you no longer need. You can go crazy on this on any Olden Philosopher’s Stone or Rainbow Neutralizer you have lying around.

Make sure to add Ultra Purity to your filters before you begin, now all you want to do is just get all the effects on the Philosopher’s Stone and start the synthesis.

Adding more stones will get you extra synthesis quality as well if you’re interested in doing that. Now you only want to select five-star traits: these would be Stat Charge ++, Power Throw++ and Rapid++.

On to Gem Reduction!

With these units you can get as much as 84445 gems, without Ultra Purity you would only get around 30000 per stone.

You can further synthesize what you have all the way to level 99 by repeating the process and even get 147000 gems, duplicate those again for roughly 4.5 million gems and go back to reduction.

And there you have it, you’re basically capped out on gems at this point, remember that you can do this on any item, it doesn’t have to be exclusive to stones.

So the sooner you unlock super traits and item reduction, the sooner you can make gems insanely fast through reduction compared to duplication.

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