Best Farm Method For Nanites In No Man’s Sky Outlaws

Get Nanites easily using this optimized method!

Nanites are one of the essential items you need to get in No Man’s Sky. With the Outlaws update, you have a more optimized option for farming the Outlaws update. This guide will show you the best farm methods for Nanites in No Man’s Sky. 

Best Farm Methods for Nanites – No Man’s Sky

To get a consistent supply of Nanites, you can simply build yourself a Nanite farm. There is a community nanite farm in the Euclid galaxy on a paradise planet. You will find 76 refiners and 40 runaway mold balls. 

To operate this farm, blast the runaway mold balls on the hill and let them roll into the container. Once they are all on the platform, destroy them using your tool and you should get around 3 stacks. 

This can give you around 5500 nanites. To get the most out of it, make sure you set up your multitool properly. Once you are done, jump into the short-range teleporter and the mold balls will respawn. 

Go back to the transporter again and you will see that the runaway mold balls will start to render once again. Do the same process again until you can fill up the refiners and get enough Nanite.

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